Wednesday, June 29 2016

#creepingsharia comic twitter trend!

There’s an amusing take on the hyperbolic and exaggerated fantasies of the ‘Islamisation’ enthusiasts on Twitter today after English Defence League leader, Stephen Lennon, inadvertently sparked a flurry of comic tweets to his #creepingsharia hashtag.

The Huffington Post features a collection of the comic tweets, appended to the article on Lennon's original post:

"On Sunday night, EDL leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, also known as Tommy Robinson, tweeted a complaint about a picture of a "mosque" on the Twitter front page (it was actually the Taj Mahal), highlighting the image as another example of #creepingsharia.

"However, rather than stoke far-right feeling, the Luton-based activist unintentionally started a comedy twitter trend.

"Amid traffic about the start of Anders Breivik’s trial in Oslo, the Twitterati hijacked the tag, with #creepingsharia being blamed for everything from “algebra on the curriculum” to “no ham left in the fridge”. "

You can read some of the tweets posted below and more on Twitter.

'I take my shoes off when I go into my house. Been doing it for years. Didn't even make the connection. #creepingsharia'

'I just got my head stuck in a jumper I was trying to put on. For a full five minutes, I was wearing a burka. @EDLTrobinson #creepingsharia'

'My nan goes to Mecca bingo. Coincidence? #CreepingSharia'

'Many varieties of smokey bacon crisps don't actually have bacon in #creepingsharia'

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