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Senior EDL Figure Guramit Singh Arrested Following Anti-Muslim Remarks

 EDL spokesman, Guramit Singh, was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of intentionally causing religiously aggravated harassment, alarm, or distress, following complaints about his speech during a protest in Peterborough by the far-right extremist group.

From the Peterborough Today:

“Cambridgeshire Police received two complaints after Mr Singh, an unofficial leader and spokesman for the EDL, gave a speech during the EDL’s two-hour protest in the city on Saturday, December 11.”

“Mr Singh was addressing around 1,000 EDL supporters and hundreds of onlooking members of the public during his speech, which was delivered outside Peterborough Magistrates’ Court and has since been uploaded onto YouTube.”

11 people were arrested following the Peterborough demonstration for a number of offences, including possession of an offensive weapon and suspicion of assaulting police officers – adding to the tally that the EDL has already amassed.

Among the many bewildering and offensive comments he made during his speech (highlighting that bigotry and prejudice is fuelled in many levels on complete ignorance) Singh argued that Muslims do not understand what the Quran and Hadith (sayings and traditions of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him) actually contain, as they are originally written in Arabic. He says:

“You bring me a Muslim in this country that can read Arabic and I’ll give you a million pounds.”

“The Quran and Hadith are taught in Arabic. Muslims are not allowed to be taught Arabic in the mosque.”

That will come as news to mosques that hold Arabic classes up and down the country. He should start saving for that million pound payout. Furthermore, if Singh fears that the Quran is being manipulated by Muslims in to something other than what it is, perhaps he might consider reading the translation by Arthur Arberry – an academic from Portsmouth, who translated the Quran in 1955.

In another eye opening moment during his speech, Singh went on to describe Anjem Choudary as a “good Muslim” – which perhaps should not be surprising, given that Anjem and his band of nuts are very good at providing ammunition for the EDL to demonise all Muslims.

The demonstration in Peterborough is reported to have cost Cambridgeshire Police an estimated £750,000. The taxpayer is paying heavily for this display of hatred and bigotry.

Below is the video of Guramit Singh’s speech:


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0 #9 Guest 2011-06-10 17:54
EDL say they are not racist they just want the british their rights .so why all these comments from guramit
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0 #8 all is onejastinder singh 2011-06-10 17:47
guramit your wrong in all what you said you need help and im sorry to all muslims off his dirty mouth, if i was his mother or father id wash his mouth out with soap. its a shame to call you a sikh you shame us all. you have no right to call their prophets rapists. you do not even no your own religion, sikh religion says there is only one god and all is human.jassi singh
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0 #7 Guest 2011-04-07 11:17
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0 #6 Richard 2011-01-04 11:43
NO RIGHT TO expressed Other religion
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0 #5 tom watson 2010-12-29 06:05
calm down. many do not see Mohammed as a figure to be admired nor as a prophet just as you do not see jesus as part of god.

i will believe islam is peaceful when it stops killing people in its vile jihad and stops stonings and mutilations
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0 #4 MDL 2010-12-26 21:28
Unbelievable...if only he knew the further hatred his vicious rhetoric will espouse...if only he knew the station of the Prophet of Allah in our hearts. Some will shed a tear listening to his attack and others will be stoked by rage...Alhamdu'Lillah we will let our dawah, good character and the strength of our peaceful message do the talking.
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0 #3 Vile, cowardly IslamophobeMuslim2011 2010-12-26 12:36
I've heard this vile animal speak and it makes the average Muslim (as well as non Muslim) vomit.

The sheer hatred that comes out this deranged animal's mouth is sick.

Maybe he's had too many beats as a kid for him to turn out the way he has ?
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0 #2 tom watson 2010-12-24 12:59
he would have done better to focus on disgraceful "interpretations of meaning" which disfigure many Qurans in this country many of these adulterated Qurans are supplied by Saudi money. some of these are clearly incitements to violence, the state would be better off prosecuting the purveyors of these than this twerp. Tom
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0 #1 dont be a haterpeace 2010-12-24 12:06
This man deserves to be behind bars hes a hater and needs to be thought a lesson .Also i would like to know ,what does he know about his own religion. Im sure it dont say about not respecting others. -
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