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EDL Set to March in Exeter this Weekend

 Further to yesterday’s announcement of the arrest of two men in Devon on suspicion of publishing racially inflammatory material and anti-Muslim videos on to the internet, the local news website ‘This is Cornwall’ further reported that Devon and Cornwall Police are preparing for “a potential flash point with the right-wing English Defence League and anti-fascist campaigners set to converge on Exeter at the weekend.”

The report stated:

“The controversial group is understood to be taking part in a "ban the burka" protest in the city centre on Saturday while there is expected to be a counter rally by anti-racist campaigners, including the group Unite Against Fascism.”

Liz Allnatt, of the anti-racist group, United Against Fascism (UAF), is reported as having said:

"People of Exeter are more concerned about jobs and pay and what is going to happen to their local services.

"Exeter is a beautiful city and people of all different beliefs and backgrounds usually get along here.

"The Muslim community has added to the city. The annual Respect Festival is a huge, well-attended celebration of Exeter's diversity."

Previous EDL ‘protests’ have been accompanied by violence, disorder and extreme Islamophobic comments. The following video shows an attack on a restaurant, followed by clashes with the police during an EDL protest in Leicester last October.


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0 #1 savetheuk 2011-10-10 19:20
Why do you not understand that the people dont want Muslims here that they dont want mosques, that they dont want changes made to there customs, or being told they cant do this or that because it offends Muslims. It is our Country not theirs they came here by the say so of our government not the British people when was we offered a vote on this over the last 50yrs. Now we are being forced by our own to bow down to there demand and to alllow them to have 8.3 kids and over populate the Country have you lefties got any commonsense or a brain? No you are weak people pleaser but unfortunatly now your own.

Traitors!! It is not about colour it is about culure bag in right and you will not Islamise us. By birthright of our ancestors this is our land we need to defrnd it and our heritage before these people out breed us and we are more this is already starting to happen as we all know. Do we get all this from the Jews the chinese or any other other than Islam. ANSWER NO IF THESE PEOPLE TAKE US OVER WE WILL KNOW HELL. So we must not agree with there wk afer wk demands of dropping another custom,
Cant eat bacon sandwiches in front of them, we have to eat halah meat blessed then cruely slaughter with no stuning to appease ALLAH OH YES DID YOU KNOW THAT WE ARE EATING THIS ALL THE TIME WITHOUT KNOWING. i am a Christain and it offensive to me to eat this meat blessed in the Muslim relgion. Does the government care NO.

So good people we need to let it be known we are not going to be sheep to the slaugher a push over.

We will retain our heritage!!
No matter what if not we are doomed.
To the world domination the preach, they say there are only a few this is not so.

This is not at all ment to the Muslims that have integrated with us and join in with us and have 2,4 kids and do not want to force Sharia Law on us.

No what anyone says these facts remain real and we need to not let this happen for the sake of our poor children when we have gone.

God bless and preserve us and or way of life.
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