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Islamic School Receives Firebomb Threat Following C4 Dispatches Broadcast

Darul Uloom
 The Birmingham Post today reports one of the schools at the heart of Monday’s Dispatches documentary has received “malicious calls threatening to firebomb the building.”

From the paper:

“Darul Uloom Islamic High School, in Small Heath, will be closed until next month amid safety fears over an investigation which filmed a hate-filled speech to pupils.”

“The school’s head of curriculum, Mujahid Aziz, said since the documentary had been shown on Monday, the school has been targeted by ‘a barrage of hate calls’ and that students felt ‘victimised’.

Mr Aziz said: ‘Even before the programme started, we were shocked that we were getting a barrage of hate calls and emails threatening with the most disgusting language which I can’t really say, and they were threatening to bomb the place.

“‘The student themselves feel in the spotlight, they feel victimised. This is the very kind of thing that creates extremism.’”

“A West Midlands Police spokesman said: ‘A number of messages believed to be of a malicious nature have been reported to police. Enquiries are currently underway.

“‘As a partnership West Midlands Police, Children's Social Care and the Department for Education wh
o govern independent schools will be reviewing all footage filmed by Channel Four and Hardcash Productions to assess any concerns regarding the wellbeing and teaching of children shown in the programme.’”

One of the clips during the documentary showed a 17 year old speaker at the Darul Uloom school addressing a young audience and describing Hindus in a highly derogatory fashion. On Monday, a Daily Mail article quoted Mr. Aziz as saying, “We were aware of the views of this 17-year-old student and we dealt with him by exclusion straight away - before we even knew that we were being filmed.
“What people will see in that clip is completely contrary to what we teach at the school about harmony and awareness of different faiths.”

The DM article also included the comments of Birmingham Yardley MP, John Hemming, who described the Ch4 documentary as “irresponsible” and as “ideal fodder for the EDL.”

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0 #3 Brain WashingStuart Parsons 2011-03-08 18:32
Might I recommend that U.K Lad reads the Quran and Sirah of Ishaq, Tabari and Kathir, studies the Sunnah and takes a serious look at Sharia Law. Madrassas are schools of indoctrination not of enlightenment. They certainly do not permit open reasoned discussion and debate. It is because of such institutions that terrorists and suicide bombers exist.

It is because Islam does not permit dissenting views that it is a far greater threat to the well-being of mankind than Fascism, Communism and the Hordes of Genghis Kan ever were.

Also note Islamic ideology does not permit multiculturalism, indeed it abhors it.
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0 #2 I\'m a mat, am I?KL 2011-02-16 18:44
Should those rabble rousers that stir up hate be allowed to get way scot-free in their plush offices with incitement that harms our children?
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0 #1 Channel 4 persecuting Muslims???UK lad 2011-02-16 11:07
Oh dear....Channel 4 appears to be pursuing an anti-muslim agenda by targetting little muslims kids so that they can be beaten up by the right wingers - yep the right wingers who our prime minister (well...sort of prime minister) Cameron praises for laying into Muslims as a way of fighting this Multiculturalism thing/myth ....or what ever it is.
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