Tuesday, May 31 2016

Daily Mail gives free publicity to MAC provocateurs


The Daily Mail today published a story on Muslim Against Crusades’ alternative Prevent strategy, ‘Islamic Prevent’.

Akin to an earlier ‘story’ in the Daily Star, in which MAC presented their model of Islamic ‘guardian angels’ maintaining Muslim neighbourhood watch schemes in areas densely populated by Muslims, the DM story elaborates on MAC’s desire for a segregated existence in the UK.

From the Daily Mail:

“The MAC group, led by Abu Assadullah, was set up last year and has become notorious because of its violent protests, most provocatively burning poppies during the Remembrance Day silence.

“Under the heading 'Muslims should set up Islamic emirates in the UK', MAC says: 'We suggest it is time that areas with large Muslim populations declare an emirate delineating that Muslims trying to live within this area are trying to live by the sharia as much as possible with their own courts and community watch and schools and even self sufficient trade.

“'Likely areas for these projects might be Dewsbury or Bradford or Tower Hamlets to begin with.

“'In time we can envisage that the whole of the sharia might one day be implemented starting with these enclaves.'

“The plan is part of the MAC's response to the government's revised Prevent strategy to combat Islamic extremism.

“In its document, called Islamic Prevent, the fanatics also call for an end to CCTV cameras in and around mosques.

“It says: 'Muslims must get rid of all CCTV cameras from Muslim institutions. Sadly many mosques have today adopted CCTV cameras to spy on Muslims on behalf of the police and local authorities.'

It will come as no surprise to the MAC misfits that Muslims living in Bradford, Dewsbury and Tower Hamlets have no desire to live in either an ‘enclave’ or an ‘emirate’ and that CCTV cameras installed in mosques have been a necessary measure to deal with the growing number of attacks on Muslim places of worship in the last few years. A development that is concurrent with the rise of the EDL and the provocative antics of the MAC group.

Just have a read of the comments posted under the Mail Online article for a sense of the outrage from ordinary readers to the article and then wonder, as the reader who posted the comment below does, why the Daily Mail bothered to publish it?

“…so MAC, membership about 6 people- want some publicity and the DM kindly obliges.”

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+1 #1 laura stuart 2011-07-08 22:50
Living near Stamford Hill as I do, an area which is populated by Orthodox jews who run their own show on the whole with their own police force style security on the streets, their own ambulance service etc etc I wonder why Engage feels the need to pour scorn on muslims who would like to do the same? I really find such muslim apologists as above rather sickening
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