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Threats to mosques and calls for solidarity in wake of Birmingham riots

Following the deadly hit-and-run of three Muslim men in Birmingham on Wednesday in the wake of rioting in several parts of the UK, the Daily Mail has reported that mosques in Birmingham have been receiving threats from gangs as well as from the EDL. The community affected has called for peace and solidarity. From the paper:

“Racial tensions rose to boiling point last night with vigilantes arming themselves with sticks and baseball bats, vowing to protect their streets during a third night of violence in Birmingham.”

“Earlier in the afternoon, gangs of black men in 4x4 cars were spotted cruising the streets of Winson Green, near the seen [sic] of the collision, stopping by mosques and chanting 'burn, burn' from the open windows.

“Local police chiefs tried to calm the situation by talking to community leaders in the area.

“It also emerged that members of the English Defence League (EDL) were threatening to storm mosques.

“Mr Iqbal said: 'They sent messages on the internet to attack our mosques. We are under attack and need to protect ourselves and we will do whatever it takes. We cannot trust the police to help us anymore.'”

“Just after 8pm, a group of more than 100 Muslim men brandishing baseball bats and sticks ran down the streets after rumours spread of a group of black men robbing a house nearby.

“A resident, who called himself Mr Arshad, 64, said: 'This is not acceptable, we were under attack. The police need to protect us.

“At about 10pm yesterday, a group of around 300 people had gathered on the petrol station forecourt for an organised nighttime vigil.”

“Members of the Muslim and Sikh communities linked arms, lit candles and said prayers for the three men and for an end to the rioting.”

“Gurpreet Singh, 28, a Sikh businessman, led calls for calm alongside Tariq Jahan, the father of Haroon Jahan

“He said: 'By coming together we are showing the country that peace is possible. We don't want violence. We want to bring peace to our street.

“'People see Sikhs and Muslims as terrorists, you don't see any terrorists here today. Muslims and Sikhs must come together now to help each other and the whole community.'”

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0 #1 rememberf ly 2011-08-13 01:32
high time 4 us 2 remember the 1432ramadan martyrs @ twinly both nxt elections : local & general.
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