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The Institute of Race Relations- ‘Breivik, the Conspiracy Theory and the Oslo Massacre’

  In light of the fatal Norway attacks which took place on 22nd July 2011, investigations into the background and motives of Anders Behring Breivik have sought to shed light on the ideology which drove him to commit such an atrocity. Breivik had broadly justified his acts in the name of defending Europe from what appeared to him to be the dangerous Islamisation of the continent. 
The Institute of Race Relations have published a briefing paper offering important insights into the conspiracy theory, developed over many years that Breivik drew on, its framework and important shapers and followers.
One key element identified by IRR are the non-violent ‘counter-jihadists’ who take strongly to the idea that Europe is being slowly ‘Islamised’ and will succumb eventually to the imposition of shari’ah law.
“Whereas Breivik saw himself as a political soldier in a revolution against Muslims, multiculturalism and civilisational decline, most counterjihadists, while sharing much of Breivik’s discursive frameworks and vocabulary, stop short of advocating violence as a means of achieving their goals,” the paper notes.
At the other end of the spectrum lie the neo conservatives, or cultural conservatives, which include individuals such as Education Secretary Michael Gove; Douglas Murray of the Center for Social Cohesion; Baroness Caroline Cox, and journalist Melanie Phillips (see also here),
“They do not directly support the idea that there is a deliberate conspiracy theory to Islamicise Europe and impose multiculturalism, and they certainly do not advocate violence. Rather they warn that through omission, through naivity, through an unwillingness to act, or even recognise the dangers ahead, Liberal elites leave Europe vulnerable to Islamisation… For such neoconservative writers, combating Islamisation is also part of their duty, as intellectuals, to combat…civilisational decline, and the sapping of the European creative spirit”.
The briefing paper also identifies that within the discourse there exists a staunch and uncompromising defense of Israel,
“These neoconservatives also share the counterjihadists’ and extreme Right’s fascination with Israel as a muscular nation, uncorrupted by European decadence (ie cultural relativism and hatred of its colonial past) and thus best placed to defend civilisational values in the face of the Islamic onslaught.”
The paper then goes on to identify some of the key strands which run through the conspiracy of a Europe in the process of ‘Islamisation’, including the conquest of Islam through immigration and the idea of ‘Eurabia’; the development of the idea of the clash of civilisations with a focus on Islam vs the west; the idea of ‘Islamofascism’ which identifies Islam as a whole as an extreme religion; hatred of the Prophet Muhammed; and the ‘new anti-semitism,’ which conflates anti-Zionism, particularly in the Arab world, with anti-semitism.
The briefing paper provides a good background for people who seek to understand more deeply some of the ideas driving Islamophobia in Europe and the currents underpinning them. The briefing paper is available to read in full, here.


0 #1 The Knight TemplarIftikhar 2011-09-09 16:15
If this Christian terrorist who killed 80+ people in Norway were Muslim, the Press
would have declared him as a MUSLIM/ISLAM/JIHADIST BLAH BLAH terrorist. For now though, he is just an
'Assailant ', 'Attacker' (Reuters), 'Gunman' (BBC, CNN & Al Jazeera). Looks like 'Terrorist ' is a name reserved for Muslims? The US Dept of State calls it an 'Act of Violence', Not an 'Act of Terrorism'.

What a hypocrisy!

Whoever, may it be individual or a state ,targets civilians to achieve some political/ideological/military etc agenda/plan is a TERRORIST. This christian terrorist just fits in all criteria. He himself declared himself "Templar", "crusader". He is a christian terrorist. He wanted to restore pure christian europe, clear it from muslims etc.

Call Breivk with his true name, the name he earned and really deserve- "Christian (crusader)TERRORIST"
He is not a madman. He knew what he was up to, like other religious/extremist(right or left) fanatics, living in their narrow/ stupid world.
West's bigotry is beyond belief. That stupid O'Reilly called Ford Hood shooter/madman/killer "muslim terrorist" because in his businesscard he wrote "servant of Allah"
But this bigot O'Reilly said this norwagian killer can not be christian. LOL. This stupid bigot deliberately ignored this christian terrorist's , not business card, but a whole 1,500 page Crusader Menifesto with big Christian mark and "Crusader Templar" signature and a Christian call youtube video.
Fox news or other bigotry/hatred/war/fear mongering news corps are the huge factors/causes of such actions. Constant hatred/bigotry will "pay off" like a time bomb. Stupid americans just love to watch it. LOL

AL Jazeera, do not be bigot. Call this terrorist with its own name-Christian Terrorist. He is not a madman!!!
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