Monday, June 27 2016

Daily Express claims 'Muslim handshake ban' at Cambridge University

  There’s a misleading headline in the Daily Express newspaper today declaring a “Muslim handshake ban” at Cambridge University.

The newspaper claims tutors at Cambridge University have been instructed to take note of the “culturally sensitive” nature of traditional forms of greeting, like a handshake, and to use “suitable body language” instead so as not to unnecessarily intimidate students when conducting admissions interviews.
The Daily Express headlines its article on the university directive as “Muslim handshake ban,” almost instinctively suggesting that Muslims are the only category of students to whom the directive would apply, though the online version of the story is titled “Muslim and disabled handshake ban,” taking into account other types of students that the directive covers.
The Daily Express also mistakenly posits the guidance issued by university authorities as a “ban” – perhaps to underscore the notion of ‘appeasement’ in the face of Muslim intolerance for different social practices?
Nothing like using Muslims to goad readers with a ‘political correctness gone mad’ story is there?

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