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Leo McKinstry on 'Muslim separatism'

Leo McKinstry on 'Muslim separatism'Leo McKinstry pushes his anti-Muslim bigotry, common to his columns in the Daily Express, onto the pages of the Daily Mail today.

In an article eulogising the recent demise of Bradford headmaster Ray Honeyford, 'A prophet sacrificed to appease the mob,' McKinstry uses the opportunity to single out Muslims in his critique of multiculturalism.

He regurgitates Trevor Phillips' claim of Britain 'sleep-walking into segregation' writing that "Large parts of urban Britain are increasingly split along racial lines, with many Britons now feeling like aliens in their own land."

Such views that are not too dissimilar from those expressed by the English Defence League and the British National Party, with their rabid claims of 'Islamification'.

They also contradict the findings of empirical research and social surveys which suggest that people from ethnic backgrounds live in, and are far more comfortable living in, mixed areas than white Britons. 'White flight' however, is something McKinstry doesn't even factor into his thinking.

McKinstry writes that "The passing of time has shown that Honeyford was equally justified in his warning about Muslim separatism, which has dramatically accelerated in the 28 years since his Salisbury Review article. That process is reflected in the growth of Muslim faith schools and the informal official acceptance of sharia courts."

It may come as some surprise to Mr McKinstry that Shari'ah tribunals in the UK are mandated under the Arbitration Act, a piece of legislation that permits Beth Din and other religious courts to arbitrate in civil disputes. Why should McKinstry speak of an "informal official acceptance" when the courts, whether Shari'ah or Beth Din, are legitimate and legal?

Furthermore, his reference to the "growth of Muslim faith schools" ignores the far greater proportion of faith schools in the UK that are Christian or Jewish. A fact illustrated by the number of non-Muslim faith schools that have gained free school status. Would McKinstry use the fact that around 50% of Jewish students attend Jewish schools to suggest 'Jewish separatism'?

To use examples of equality under the law as illustrative of "Muslim separatism" is not only specious, it is a reflection of McKinstry's deep-seated anti-Muslim prejudice.

Read our letter to the Daily Mail here.

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