Monday, June 27 2016

EDL facing legal action by Luton Council for mis-using logo

EDL facing legal action by Luton Council for mis-using logoThe English Defence League is facing legal action by Luton Borough Council for using the council logo on its leaflets without permission.

The leaflets were distributed during the EDL’s protest at the opening of the Discover Islam Public Information Centre in Luton last weekend.

From Luton Today:

A council spokesman said: “The Love Luton, Luton in Harmony and Luton Borough Council logos are copyrighted and we will not tolerate them being misused; we have asked the EDL not to use them and will be taking legal action as appropriate.”

The BBC reports that Stephen Lennon, the leader of the EDL, denies making the leaflets.

"They were handed to me in the town and I was just giving them out," Lennon said.

"This logo is used on hundreds of pages across the internet and they are singling me out. Bring it on."

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