Monday, June 27 2016

ITV News Traineeship 2012-13

For those aspiring for a career in journalism, ITV is offering an excellent opportunity on its ITV News Traineeship scheme for 2012-2013:

“This year our award winning broadcast journalism scheme is running alongside our exciting new ITV Graduate programme. Between them they will attract the very best candidates to Britain’s most popular commercial broadcaster. Whether you’re considering both schemes, or primarily News, we’re thrilled that you’re now thinking of being one of them.

“A few pointers for the would-be journalists to keep in mind - the purpose of the year-long programme, which starts on 1st October, is to nurture and develop talented entry level journalists to a very high standard. It offers an unparalleled opportunity for a dedicated group of enthusiastic and committed people to begin building an exciting and rewarding career in a TV newsroom - combining key traditional skillsets with others at the cutting edge.

“Based in one of our regional newsrooms you will be taught, mentored and inspired by a team of experienced industry professionals and in-house experts. Your training in every aspect of journalism and production will range from the classroom to the field and combine both job shadowing and hands-on experience. As well as your home news centre you will spend time in our network newsrooms at ITN and Daybreak, together with several, shorter attachments to other parts of ITV's business. Some travel will be required to other regional bases.

“You’ll receive a salary and 25 days annual leave during the scheme. A very high percentage of those who graduate from the programme have gone on to secure permanent jobs with both ITV News and ITV more widely, though there are no guarantees of continued employment beyond the twelve months.

“If short listed, you will be invited to take our online assessments and then to a one-day Assessment Centre at ITV’s London head office on either Tuesday 26th or Wednesday 27th June 2012.”

“The closing date for applications is Friday 18th May.”

The application form is available online, and more details about the scheme are available here.

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