Wednesday, June 29 2016

Peter Kilfoyle MP Slams Pro-Israeli Bias in The Times on Gaza Conflict

 Peter Kilfoyle MP is among readers of The Times that have written to the paper for printing a comment by Benny Morris, ‘Israel has no choice but to be tough on Hamas – and Iran’, without offering a counter view from a Hamas or Palestinian writer.

Morris is lecturer in Middle East history at Ben-Gurion University, Israel, and author of 1948, A History of the First Arab-Israeli War. Among letters printed is this one from Peter Kilfoyle, MP for Liverpool Walton, which criticises the paper for printing only one side of the story:

‘Through Benny Morris (Israel has no choice but to be tough on Hamas – and Iran, Special report, News, last week), you give the Israeli viewpoint of the slaughter in Gaza, plus an opportunity to sabre-rattle again against Iran.

'But where was the countervailing view on behalf of the besieged Palestinians? Where is the analysis of Israel’s Dimona nuclear plant set against Iran’s nuclear programme? When it comes to the Israelis and the Palestinians, most people in the Middle East, and increasing numbers here in the West, have no trust in either the media’s objectivity or western governments’ good faith. I certainly question both.'

Peter Kilfoyle
MP Liverpool Walton

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