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‘Music Chess and Other Sins’, Denis MacEoin writes another ‘report’

 Not content with fabricated evidence in producing his ‘report’ on hate literature in mosques for Policy Exchange, (The Hijacking of British Islam), Denis MacEoin’s new ‘report’ on Muslim schools confirms only this, that having been caught out once with flimsy evidence backing an implausible theory, he’s trying it on again with another poorly researched, outrageous piece of work.

The Daily Telegraph gives MacEoin a column in its comment pages to reiterate his nonsense. The Daily Express splashes ‘Muslims Schools Ban Our Culture’ across its front page, while the Daily Star asks readers in its poll, ‘Should Muslim schools be banned in the UK?’.

When the headline to the accompanying article in the Star reads: ‘Islam kids taught forget [Harry] Potter and prepare for jihad’, the poll results can be predicted with relative ease.

It’s unlikely that many readers will hone in on the flawed methodology employed in producing the report. The Express states:

‘He [MacEoin] made clear that only a small number of the more than 120 Muslim schools in Britain were involved’. Though this has evidently not prevented the paper’s front page absurdity. Nor even the fact that MacEoin never visited a single Muslim school whilst researching his subject matter.

The Association of Muslim Schools issued a statement to say:

‘We are particularly disappointed but not surprised that the report has been drafted and edited by individuals who have a track record of producing literature that is divisive, poorly researched and does not stand up to serious independent scrutiny. The authors did not visit a single Muslim school as confirmed by page xiv of the summary.’

Since when have the facts ever stood in the way of good Muslim bashing story?

No doubt few will have the patience to trawl through the 170+ page 'report', so we'll make it easy for you. MacEoin was recently appointed the new editor of Middle East Quarterly, the flagship publication of Daniel Pipes' Middle East Forum. How's that for an executive summary.

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0 #3 SP 2009-02-21 08:11
An interesting yet an unsurprising article. Just a message to "Islam forever and ever!", yes I agree the media is controlled by Zionist and that Islam will be protected forever. That does not mean my Islam and your Islam, it means Islam as a religion will be protected. So to prevent my Islam and your Islam from diminishing (by Acts and Laws being passed preventing us from practicing Islam as a result of the false negative portrayal in the media) we have to engage and do our part in the media and politics to give the correct impression of Islam.
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0 #2 Do what you want!islam forever and ever! 2009-02-21 05:53
They cant stop Muslims from studying the holy Quran and Islam.Die in hell! Let them do what they want,the Zionists are controlling media therefore it isnt surprising that they are promoting Anti-Muslim propaganda........
soo do what you want YOU CANT STOP ISLAM! Islam is still growing and growing ....despite your propaganda.
We dont care!
And surely Allah is the best of Helpers!
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0 #1 yusuf timol 2009-02-20 12:05
BRAVO - well said, indeed - masha allah!

Sadly, we too have a part to play in this tragic state of affairs, because, communally, we are actually too busy, either (a) making money, or, (b) bickering between ourselves to recognise the gravity of our precarious situation as a Muslim minority in a secular society & the invidious inroads being made against us by pernicious vested interests.

Hence, the moment is now ripe for us to finally unite on a common platform in order to ENGAGE purposefully & meaningfully ( & interact better) with ALL our fellow citizens & also in order to rectify blatant instances of media misrepresentation & 'fabrication' of evidence through our own conduct & behaviour.

With Allah (swt)'s Help we too can show the beauty of Islam in this age to a wider audience, Insha allah!
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