Monday, June 27 2016

1001 Inventions Book for Schools sponsorship drive

 The educational charity, Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilization (FSTC), has launched a sponsorship initiative to get its book on 1001 Inventions into 3000 schools across the UK.

The book, which contains a wealth of information on the Muslim contribution to civilization from the 7th-17th centuries, is designed to bring recognition of these contributions into the classroom, dispelling ignorant ideas of Islam’s intellectual and scientific barrenness.

Ever ready with a helpful remark on social cohesion, the Director of the Centre for Social Cohesion, Douglas Murray, tells the Jerusalem Post:

"This organization calling itself the FSTC is not an educational project. It is a dawah project. That is, it is Islamic propaganda.

"There is significant ignorance these days, in Britain, and the West in general, about our own scientific and cultural heritage. Organizations like the FSTC aim to step into the gap created by that ignorance and claim that the roots of our culture do not lie in our Greek and Judeo-Christian heritage, but in Islamic history.

This is patently false. The FTSC’s stated objective in producing the book as a resource material for schools is, among other things, to:

Bring to the public domain the shared heritage of modern civilisation, and how the Golden Age of Science and Technology was rooted in different cultures, those of Muslims, Jews and Christians working together side by side for nearly a 1000 years.

One would think the director of a centre for social cohesion would applaud this.

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