Thursday, June 30 2016

Nick Griffin on Question Time

 If you missed BBC Question Time programme last night with Nick Griffin you can catch it on BBC iPlayer, here.

You can contact the BBC with your comments/complaints on views expressed in the programme by phone - 03700 100 222 - or via the online complaints form here.

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0 #1 servant of allah 2009-10-23 12:52
is nick griffin a jew or is he a christian or is he a jew or is he nazi?
he seemed to be trying to be everything and nothing .
he said he was against islam because islam was against the jews and israel ,but he denies the holocaust and hitler is his hero. he said islam is a vicious and evil religion but yesterday he said it had good points nad that the islamic system of usury free economy would not let have this country in the mess that the country was in because of the current banking system . he says he want a truce with islam ,but calls it an evil religion ,he says his view on homosexuality match with that of islam ,then why is he against islam .he says he wants the british to remain a christian nation but himself does not practise a single tenet of christianity.before going for the debate he should gone and prayed in church and asked jesus(pbuh) to help him in the debate but instead he went to a pub for a pint.he even attacked the bbc ,the same organisation who gave him a chance on television.
he is not a jew nor a christian,he is actually a decepticon .he uses deception and cons the white british.
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