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EU journalist attempts to carry out a citizen's arrest of Tony Blair

 David Cronin (pictured), Brussels correspondent for the Inter Press Service news agency and contributor on European Affairs to The Guardian, attempted a citizen’s arrest of former PM Tony Blair yesterday in Brussels.

‘On the seventh anniversary of the invasion almost to the day, David Cronin, approached Mr Blair, as he was due to discuss with MEPs his current work as a Middle East special envoy.

‘Placing his hand on the former prime minister's arm, Mr Cronin said: "Mr Blair, this is a citizens' arrest."

‘Speaking to EUobserver after the event, Mr Cronin said he had been inspired by the attempts to arrest Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe by UK human rights activist Peter Tatchell in London in 1999 and in Brussels in 2001. The campaign launched in January by Guardian columnist George Monbiot to repeat the attempt on Mr Blair also featured in his thinking.

‘"My motivation in trying to arrest Blair is entirely based on my contempt for the crimes he has committed and abetted in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon and Serbia,"

‘"Perhaps 1 million lives were lost in Iraq alone," he said.

The Brussels-based reporter tried to make a citizen's arrest on Blair but was bundled away by security guards.

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0 #2 Well Done civic-minded DaveMuslim 2010-03-23 19:29
It may be all the sweeter as Dave Cronin sounds like he may be of Jewish origins!
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0 #1 Well done! 2010-03-23 13:06
Well done. Someone willing to let his actions do the talking. Alhumdulillah.
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