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Daily Express criticises Nick Clegg for defending the call to prayer

 The Daily Express rounds on Nick Clegg (pictured) for his supporting the muezzin’s call to prayer in the UK.
The paper criticizes the Lib Dem leader for drawing an analogy between the adhan and the ringing of church bells summoning the faithful.

The DE leader comment today reads, ‘For him [Clegg] to defend the spread of the muezzin – the often amplified broadcast of the Muslim call to prayer – on grounds that church bells ring to summon the faithful is deeply troubling.

Church bells are a quintessentially British sound and have been for a thousand years and more. The muezzin is an alien one. If world citizen Nick Clegg does not understand that – and he appears not to – then he clearly knows almost nothing about the country he aspires to lead. And that is a perfectly legitimate cause for concern’.

And the Daily Star editorial today supports for the extension of the planned ban on the burqa in France and Belgium to the UK.

From the paper:

‘Euro leaders are absolutely right to ban the burka.

‘The Muslim veil is almost certain to be outlawed in France. And the Belgians are gearing up to rid their country of the full face veil.

‘Britain must now follow suit.

‘This has no place in modern Britain. True Islam doesn’t demand anyone wear one of these backwards veils. It’s time to ban the burka here too.’

Little wonder Richard Desmond’s (owner of the Daily Express and Daily Star) paper's are often criticized as being ‘recruiting rags for the far-right'.


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0 #8 YoungPike 2010-05-20 12:38
In response to Anon's criticism of Karen, I wish to point out my belief that Karen wasn't being offensive. The fact is that most rational people don't believe in superstitions, and all religions are superstitions. We agnostics consider Islam to be a superstition and totally man-made. You have no absolute proof that Allah exists, and I challenge you to prove me wrong.
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0 #7 Guest 2010-05-05 06:32
u chat shiiitttttttttt!!!!! !!!!!!
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0 #6 YoungPike 2010-04-30 06:46
Thankyou for not posting my comment in which I described the call to prayer as alien and menacing. It confirms my suspicion that you don't believe in free speech.
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+1 #5 YoungPike 2010-04-29 11:34
I am agnostic and so I don't follow any religion. But I have nothing against people who do. However, I find the Islamic call to prayer a proundly alien and menacing sound compared to the pleasant tunefulness of church bells. For this reason alone I would sign a petition against the building of a mosque in my neighbourhood.
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0 #4 Anon 2010-04-26 13:50
In response to Karens comment I would like to say ignorance breeds ignorance and She can go ahead and blow her trumpet to declare whatever her beliefs are. Her statement is not worth the response.
A muslim call for prayer like bells from churches is a simple call to prayer like the church bells they make a nose to make people aware of prayer time, whether they are the sound of bell or a call for prayer in arabic, it has the same purpose.
The call for Azan is our way to reminding muslims time to pray, to leave our worldly duties and remember our creator. I wouldn't put any weight to people who have an intolerant view about other faiths.
Nevertheless I found Karens comment to be both offensive to our faith and our prophet(pbuh).
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0 #3 What crackpots 2010-04-26 07:53
Rather than Clegg not knowing anything about the country he aspires to lead, the paper has no idea about the country Britain's become. There are a variety of people here - Christian, Jew, Muslim, Blacks, Whites, Europeans - every label under the sun.

Nick Clegg acknowledges that. It's a pity that the Express has trouble facing up to the facts.
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0 #2 Karen Wood 2010-04-25 14:49
The sound of Church bells is nothing but the sound of Church bells. The Muslim call to prayer is a statement of faith that I for one do no believe and have no wish to listen to 5 times a day. If it is permitted then I for one intend to buy a megaphone and stand outside my local Mosque during their prayer times declaring 'There is no God and Mohammed was therefore delusional'. It my statement of 'faith'
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0 #1 Anon 2010-04-23 13:14
Any one like Nick Clegg showing the slightest bit of reasonable and comparative thought towards islam gets a verbal spanking by these tabloid newspapers, the best thing for us to do is simply not to buy them. I wouldn't be suprised if they competely go out to discredit his position before the elections.
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