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Mohammed Sawalha wins libel case against Spectator & Mel P

Mad Mel
 The Spectator and Melanie Phillips have been forced to issue an apology and pay “substantial damages” to Mohammad Sawalha, a British Palestinian, after an article by Mad Mel in 2008 falsely stated that Mr. Sawalha had referred to Jews in Britain as "evil/noxious.”

The apology reads:

“On 2 July 2008 we published an article entitled ‘Just look what came crawling out’ which alleged that at a protest at the celebration in London of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the state of Israel, Mohammad Sawalha had referred to Jews in Britian (sic) as ‘evil/noxious’. We now accept that Mr Sawalha made no such anti-Semitic statement and that the article was based on a mistranslation elsewhere of an earlier report. We and Melanie Phillips apologise for the error.”

Islamophobia Watch and the Independent have the background to the incident:

“In July 2008, Mad Mel lifted and embellished a mistake from the neocon website, Harry's Place, regarding Mohammad Sawalha, a Palestinian-born British man whom Al Jazeera had mis-transcribed referring to ‘evil/ noxious’ Jews at a rally. In fact, as Arabic experts later confirmed to High Court superstar Tugendhat, he referred to the ‘Jewish lobby’. Al Jazeera corrected it instantly, and Harry's Place later, yet MM magisterially ignored requests for a simple correction until a trial was imminent, when she caved. This unwonted arrogance has presented a six-figure bill for damages and costs to The Spectator, which at the time of writing continues to host her deliciously deranged blog.”

Perhaps next time Phillips could actually do her research properly and when mistakes are made, the Spectator could correct them instantly.

The Spectator was also forced to issue an apology in August to Islam Expo over an article they had published written by Jewish Chronicle editor, Stephen Pollard, in which he referred to Islam Expo as “a conference with a racist and genocidal programme.”

It seems The Spectator's decision to host articles by extreme Zionists making false claims is proving very costly. Something for the Speccie to ponder over, perhaps?

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-1 #5 Worth every shekelAhmad Adan of Somali heritage 2010-11-29 21:12
Pathetic, I love the fake African T.W. above, "only 3%" "show some respect" just gives it away.

What next veiled threats of ethnic cleansing "if you don't like it, go home" - aah it reminds me of the good ol' days of watching Alex Haley's "Roots" on the telly. I prefer Kunta Kinte to the Toby. Is that a bit uppity?

Just Asians, can't Africans be Muslims?
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+1 #4 tom watson 2010-11-27 20:49
muslims not getting a fair deal in the press?

its like an ugly person blaming the mirror
as an unpopular 3% minority it would be wise for you to keep a lower profile

and show some respect
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+1 #3 tomwatson 2010-11-26 20:00
as an African I am very aware of Asian racism who cares what you lot think? - you are not important enough to warrant any effort - just pathetic whingers that's what you are. tom
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+1 #2 muslim queening fitstom watson 2010-11-26 16:31
it is not possible to debate any topic with many/most Muslims since they believe their faith/deen is perfect and they are terrified of Israelis who they imagine are everywhere.. Is it paranoia or just the usual Asian racism?
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-1 #1 Mad Mel caught red-handedMuslim 2010-11-25 16:00
The Yellow Journalism of the Spectator is throwing mud at Muslims.

So where exactly did the mistranslation originate? I guess it can't be far removed from MEMRI, the ex-Israeli psy-ops hasbara peddlers.
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