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ENGAGE writes to the Press Complaints Commission

 ENGAGE has sent a letter to the Press Complaints Commission concerning the headline in the Daily Star on 6 November, 'Poppies banned in terror hotspots'.

The letter states: 'The use of the term ‘banned’ in the headline is clearly inaccurate and misleading given that there is clearly no ban in operation at all. The headline obviously contravenes Clause 1 of the PCC’s Code of Practice. 

In addition, we would argue that the headline was designed deliberately to incite anti-Muslim prejudice – a practice that Richard Desmond’s papers seem to indulge in day in and day out, sadly without any censure from the Press Complaints Commission'.

The full letter can be read here.

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0 #1 FantasticAJ 2008-11-13 01:43
Fantastic work by engage, and I look forward to seeing what is to come, I envision a bright future for engage and inshaAllah this will be very helpful for the Muslim community, and Britain at large, saving it from the prejudiced spiral it is going through.
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