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Gary Streeter MP supports 'reasonable accommodation' of religion and belief in public life

Gary Streeter MP has sponsored an Early Day Motion welcoming the intervention of the Equality and Human Rights Commission in support of a “reasonable accommodation” of religion and belief in public life.
The motion reads:
“That this House welcomes the decision of the Equality and Human Rights Commission to intervene in support of four cases involving discrimination against Christians that are presently with the European Court of Human Rights; notes that this is a long overdue recognition of the need to defend religious liberty and marks an important development in relation to a better understanding of the role of faith in public life; and further welcomes the Commission's advocacy for reasonable accommodation in the workplace as an acknowledgement of the place of conscientious objection for those with religious belief.”
A “reasonable accommodation” of religion and belief in the workplace and in public life is of particular significance to Muslims given recorded incidents of workplace discrimination on grounds of religion and in light of the growing number of attacks on Muslim individuals and property.
If your MP is not among those that has signed the motion, please urge them to do so.
You can find details of how to contact your MP here.


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0 #1 Your defective linkMohammed Amin 2011-07-30 06:10
The link above to the EDM is broken, and you do not give the reference number.

It is Early Day Motion 2081 with this link

I will ask my MP to sign it.
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