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Undercover police in mosques causes community tensions

 BBC Asian Network has reported on rising community tensions in Manchester after it emerged that the North West Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) infiltrated mosques in the city with officers posing as Muslims. The infiltration resulted in the conviction of three men on terrorism charges in September. 

From the BBC:
“Relations between the Muslim community and Greater Manchester Police are being strained after officers infiltrated mosques.
“Some Islamic groups have told the BBC Asian Network that they are angry about undercover tactics used in recent counter terror operations.
“The North West Counter Terrorism Unit carried out an investigation which involved officers posing as Muslims.

“They attended prayer meetings and services at a dozen unnamed mosques in Manchester after they befriended four Muslim men for more than a year.
“Three of the men, Munir Farooqi, 54, Israr Malik, 24, and Matthew Newton, 29, were convicted of terrorism charges in September. Another man was acquitted.
“But the covert nature of the operation has led to tensions between Greater Manchester Police and its Islamic advisory group.
“Yasmin Dar, a member of the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) Mosques and Community Forum, said: "It's alarming, you've got one community that is being targeted.
“"I've not heard of any cases of undercover officers going into churches or synagogues, so why a particular faith? Relations with the police have hit rock bottom. It's created a lot of mistrust with the police."”

A spokesperson for the Muslim Safety Forum, which advises the Metropolitan Police on community relations and policing, said that, “Muslims are already taking the lead in the fight against extremism.

“"We've seen it through Finsbury Park Mosque - it was the Muslims who took out Abu Hamza…The police haven't managed to foster positive relationships with the Muslim community, otherwise they could use these channels to get the information they need. This kind of infiltration is not the way forward." “

In 2009, the North West CTU was heavily criticised for its arrest and detention of Shaikh Asif Farooqui. He was released without charge though questions remain over why the arrest happened and on the credibility of the intelligence used to justify the act.

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0 #2 faro 2011-12-02 17:13
does this mean w/o them disguised police in the masjid would have meant no arrest of those 3 found guilty as terrorists last september 2011,whilst masjids scared to islamically fatwa them 3 as non muslims anymore, these 3 guilty thus disgracing islam peaceful coexistence should be judged & deported by shariah as british courts too lenient on these renegades.
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+1 #1 tom watson 2011-12-02 14:46
Excellent well done police they should do more of it. the problem is specifically muslim terrorism, not christian or jewish

so stop whining about the inevitable
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