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Sky Foreign Affairs Editor praises the anti-Muslim blog Harry’s Place

 It is a sad day for journalism when media professionals resort to taking their cues from blog sites that devote themselves to peddling misinformation and biased comment.

Sky News’ foreign affairs editor, Tim Marshall, writing about Foreign Office Minister Bill Rammell’s disclosure that the UK Government will be seeking to open channels of communication with the political wing of Hizbullah in Lebanon, refers to the ‘excellent Harry's Place website’ in appraising whether the government’s move is judicious.

Given that Harry’s Place has been and continues to be at the centre of several McCarthyite witch-hunts against prominent British Muslims, and uses the label ‘Islamist’ to try and smear the reputation of Muslim activists, Marshall’s glowing commendation of the site is disturbing to say the least.

The politics of Harry’s Place are no secret given its backing of the illegal invasion of Iraq, its full-blown support for Israel including during the recent heavy bombardment of Gaza in which Israeli leaders were accused of having committed war crimes, and its championing of ‘ex Islamists’, such as Ed Husain, Maajid Nawaz and Shiraz Maher.

Can Sky’s viewers trust that foreign news bulletins guided by Marshall’s editorial pen will be impartial given his professed appreciation of a blog site whose content is vehemently anti Muslim?

You can call Sky News on 0870 240 3000 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to lodge a complaint.

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0 #3 Benaam 2009-03-15 11:40
This really shouldn't come as any surprise to anyone who is familiar with the Murdoch empire which controls several media outlets that spew out anti-Muslim rhetoric such as the Sky, Fox and Star Networks.

However it is important to lodge a complaint with Sky to let them know that the promotion of hate-filled Islamophobes like Harry's Place will not go unnoticed.
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0 #2 Tim \'zionist\' MarshallKhalid Mahmood 2009-03-10 18:21
What a surprise!. Anyone who watches sky news regularly would never miss the overt anti-Muslim bias on this channel. Two years ago Tim Marshall in his 'expert analysis' after arrest of some Muslims in Birmingham, claimed that Qur'an permits Muslims to behead non- Muslims. I contacted sky news to protest against this baseless allegation. Following is my e-mail and Sky new reply

From: khalid mahmood [mailto:mahmoodkk@ho]
Sent: 31 January 2007 15:03
To: Sky.Today
Subject: Tim Marshal

Mr Marshal
Just before 2 'O Clock news you mentioned in your 'expert analysis' that there is a 'Sword verse' in the Holy Qur'an which permits beheading of people. Can I ask you where in the Holy Qur'an is this verse?. Could you please quote me the reference. I know that being part of Murdoch's ( I hope that how you spell his name) media empire,demonising Muslims ans Islam is your first and foremost duty, but at least you should have some regard for authenticity and accuracy of your reporting. I remember you making similar 'expert analysis' during forestgate terrorist arrests. Off course it dosent mean that you should learn any lessons from it.
I wait for your reply regarding the"sword verse'.
thank you
Dr.K. Mahmood

Sky news Reply

Dear Dr Mahmood

Thank you for watching and contacting Sky News.

Thank you too for your email.

I am sorry it has taken me some time to reply but I have discussed your questions fully with our foreign affairs editor Tim Marshall. He thanks you for raising the issues.

Tim says that what he said was that there is a verse in the Qur'an which extremists say permits beheading. EXTREMISTS believe that the Qur'an verse 9 – 5 known to them, and admittedly critics of Islam, as ‘The Sword Verse’. They take 9-5 then quote radical Imams – put it together and say it justifies beheading. They further point to SURA 45 which speaks of ‘strike their heads off in battle’ - if the extremists interpret kidknapping their enemies as battle, then they could go on to say they could strike off their heads.

Let me assure you that we are not "demonising" Muslims and Islam and take very seriously the need for authenticity and accuracy in our reporting.

Best wishes

Paul Bromley
Viewers' Editor
Sky News

I responded to this but never received a reply.

Dear Mr Bromley

Thank you for replying to my e-mail. I would have preferred Mr. Marshall replying to me directly ,but nonetheless I 'll like to bring to his attention following points.

To understand the meanings of the so called ' Sword Verse'( 9_5), one has to read the preceding four verses as well as several verses after it, so as to grasp the proper context of this verse. (for translation of these verses please go to Let me briefly explain back ground to this Sura.

In Prophets time, the Pagans and enemies of Islam frequently made treaties of mutual alliances with the Muslims. The Muslims scrupulously observed their part but the Pagans violated their part again and again when it suited them. After some years' experience it became imperative to denounce such treaties altogether. This was done in due form, with four months notice, and chance was given to those who faithfully observed their pledges, to continue their alliance.

When war becomes inevitable, it must be prosecuted with vigour. according to the English phrase, you can not fight war with kid gloves. The fighting may take the form of slaughter,or capture , or siege, or ambush and other stratagems. All this was done in the battle field against armed enemies. Never aginst unarmed civilians. Such tactics of war shouldn't be a surprise to perpetrators and supports of modern warfare who use 'shock and awe' 'carpet bombing' ,cluster bombing of civilians area resulting in death and destructions of hundreds of thousands of ordinary people.

Mr. Marshall says that extremist take verse 9_5 and quote radical imams to justify beheading. Where is your proof for such an assertion?. Can you please provide me with such a quote from a 'radical imam'. I know that some critics of Islam have called vers 9-5 as the sword verse but any one who would read the whole sura with an open mind will not fail to understand its true meanings. What is your on view on this verse Mr. Marshall? Listning to you today on skynews , one clearly got impression that you supported these assertions that Qur'an promoted beheading of innocent people,. If this is not your view than can you please tell me which imam. book or speech uses verse9-5 in support of beheading. I'll appreciate such a proof greatly.

I read Sura 45 three times today but could not find ay verse which speaks of 'strike their heads off in the battle'. So much for authentic and accurate reporting of sky news. . Again could you please provide me evidence that which extremist person or organisation. or imam or book uses sura 45 in support of beheading?
I'll wait for your reply.

Dr. K Mahmood
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0 #1 SP 2009-03-10 12:13
I wonder if the general public realize how one sided and biased Harrys Place is? Also, has Engage lodged a complaint and wrote in to Sky News.
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