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ENGAGE Exclusive: Quilliam Foundation exposed by new report as having no support amongst UK Muslims

 The already microscopically minuscule credibility of the Quilliam Foundation has suffered yet another hugely embarrassing setback with the publication of a new report from the Redbridge Faith Forum. 

The report produced by Redbridge Faith Forum (RFF) for Redbridge Safer Communities Partnership (RSCP), entitled, “Conversations with Muslim Community leaders in Redbridge about the Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) Agenda”, finds that contrary to the views articulated by the anti-Muslim brigade at Harry’s Place, the QF has no following whatsoever among British Muslims.

According to the RFF report:

‘…negative view[s] towards the Quilliam Foundation [were] held almost universally by all participants and corroborated by attending meetings including Understanding Redbridge Communities (URC) meeting.’

Citing the views of respondents, the report reveals the collective disdain for organisations like QF which have been financed by the government to manufacture consent. Respondents said:

“About PVE, some Muslims are uncritically for the government; others are more distant from the mainstream. But there is big scepticism towards the Quilliam Foundation, with its staff on £80,000 salaries

“Yes Muslims are talking to No. 10 Downing St, but there are examples where the government is giving £1m to individuals who have no contact with the local community. Problems will come from this. It is not good giving money to the wrong people, with those who will all sing from the same hymn sheet that the government wants, because they appear to be meeting the government’s set objectives.”

"One major disappointment with the Quilliam Foundation was their silence on international issues and the need for the Muslim community to have an international voice in common with other major faiths."

“Instead (of support for MCB), they have given a £1 million to the Quilliam Foundation, who state that what happens in Palestine does not affect us here. Our support for Palestine is because of injustice. This is a two way thing. It is part of the principle of communitarianism of brotherhood all around the world. It is the affiliation we have because of the faith, of commitment to basic human values. The Roman Catholic Church is allowed to have this international perspective of connectedness all over the world. No one questions this. The same is true of British Jews and their commitment and support for Israel. We don’t say kill the Jews. That’s wrong.”

The Quilliam Foundation is not the only organisation criticised by participants for being out of touch with British Muslims:

“Representative grassroots organisations should be at the forefront of all this (consultative work with the government). The MCB (Muslim Council of Britain) were isolated by the government and the Sufi Council was promoted in their place. But people don’t accept the Sufi Council. The MCB should be representing Muslims nationally. We accept MCB at our Mosque. MCB say Holocaust Day should be for everybody and renamed the International Genocide Day and was disliked for saying this. The MCB does not go against the grain of the community. We work to consensus.”

The identification of many Muslims with the MCB is strongly evinced in the views of respondents. For example:

“As Muslim community leaders, we have to be realistic. We can’t deny true feelings of Muslim community. There has to be a responsibility from central government. Their policy has an impact on the inhabitants. The MP follows the whip’s line. This is dangerous and causes resentment. People will be disenfranchised.”

“The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) is not being allowed to represent the views of Muslims in Britain. Grass roots led organisations, with the voice of the people are affiliated to MCB. It has 400 bona fide affiliated organisations attached to it. The government needs to work with bona fide organisations. The MCB speaks in a just way, but the government does not want that. It stands up to Israeli bombings.”

“It has a balanced approach and is objective. We hoped the government would work with the MCB and help them to build its infrastructure.”

“MCB goes with the sentiment in the community. That’s a democratic right. It goes by debate to reach consensus. Our Mosque is similar. We want to be part of the mainstream. The Muslim sentiment in the local community is similar to that of the MCB.”

It is becoming increasingly difficult and embarrassing for the government to defend the considerable financial support the QF receives from various government departments. How long before the Home Office and Foreign Office publicly recognise the ruinous impact of the Quilliam Foundation and the damage it is doing to the government's credibility amongst British Muslims?

We would urge all British Muslims that are working with local authorities across the UK on Preventing Violent Extremism initiatives to be vocal in making their views known to all local government officials about the QF stooges.

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-4 #18 Muhammad Uddin 2011-08-07 19:50
I personally do not think that the Quilliam Foundation is out of touch with British Muslims (I personally view them favourably)

The assumption that Mosques and Islamic Centre’s are representative of Muslims as a whole is entirely questionable- whilst i may go to a mosque to pray i don’t expect the imam to coach me on political matters. Furthermore one could question whether a majority of Muslims actually, regularly visit a mosque –An Ipsos Mori poll shows that 30% of 18-34s and 50% of over-35s, that are practising Muslim’s often attend Jumah (Friday Prayers).

As for the issue of Palestine, in a question and answer session with Majid Nawaz when posed the question about Palestine he suggested given the Arab Spring, a solution which now seemed unlikely will be inevitable i.e. a Palestinian state . Personally I believe that a the issue of Palestine is a source of major conflict, serves as an incendiary factor for terrorists- though I believe that several of them exploit it without having any interest in a peaceful solution- must be resolved ASAP, something I believe that most people would agree with.

Perhaps the differences in opinion highlights the differences of opinion in the Muslim Community. I personally dont think of him (Maajid Nawaz) as an apologist but rather as a rational modern muslim!
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+4 #17 Fatima 2010-11-10 14:47
I cant get over this organisation.I dont know if im more shocked at their audacity,lies and greed or the governments willingness to think they are contributing anything to the discourse or that they represent anyone more outside of their central london offices.Its a farce!

Attempting to expose Islam channel,i mean honestly they make me sick! if they truly objected why not contact islam channel and work with them about how they deliver thing not write a report and run and tell the boss.They really do anger me they are an embarresment and its not just muslim who think so,they're opportunism has to be exposed.

A petition anyone?

How can the QF say that think that what happens in palenstine is non of business when the UK are involved in two wars as a result of what happened in America,further especially since founder ED hussein states in his book aptly titled 'the islamist' that it is is UK foreign policy which leads to radicalisation and that it needs to be adressed, i mean honeslty if your going to play up to the media be consistent.

But these folk need the rug pulled out from under their feet quite lietrally and then we need to make dua for them.May Allah guide the inshAllah.
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+3 #16 adi 2010-08-15 06:47
QF is for the consumption of the non-muslims. And they dont care to much about the muslim communities. you dont really see much of them amongst the muslims.
QF lets you hear what you want to hear - that's what they are paid to do.
AS MP Khalid Mahmood described majid an apologist for islam. Majid does not defend islam nor propagate islam in its entiretly. with so much distortion from QF i do not think they can explain the history of islam and remain consistent with the distortion they propagate.
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-1 #15 Ali 2009-06-18 07:31
The Spittoon commented on this Engage article in its usual manner, and surprise, surprise, it's cross-posted on Harry's Place like a lot of other Spittoon material. I wonder why!?

Anyway, it's a good report about PVE - what these Muslim 'leaders' think about QF and other groups is only a small part of it.
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0 #14 Mark T 2009-06-18 06:33
What has Israel got to do with this? Or indeed Hazel Blears? What are you on about?

I pointed out that it is laughable to present the opinions of nine people as representative of "UK Muslims". Now it may be the case that if you walk into 'any mosque' they'll tell you that they hate QF.

But in that case, let's have a survey. A proper one. Not just nine people.
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+3 #13 Hazel Blears - QF\'s godmother has gone!Sack Blears 2009-06-17 19:16
Mark T: it seems you are unaware that Quilliam's fairy godmother Hazel Blears has vanished up her own backside after being found out fiddling her expenses.

Remember how Ed Husain so fawningly praised the 'gutsy' Hazel Blears:

Oh dear! One of QF's key supporter's has gone. Still, at least there is still Melanie Phillips and the Israel-first crowd at Harry's Place and the Spittoon to give them support, no?
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+2 #12 Mark T has a HP mini-brainJamal Slumdog 2009-06-17 19:06
'I expect she left it lying around on the breakfast table. Or told him to put it up on his website.'

The report has been openly published by Redbridge Council. Engage clearly have got hold of it legally:

Even you can read it - if your mini-brain allows it.

I take it you have never actually visited a mosque or Islamic centre as Sack Blears suspects?

Believe me, it is worth meeting and getting to know some real Muslims as opposed to the spineless ones promoted by the extension of the Israeli Embassy that is Harry's Place.
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0 #11 Mark T 2009-06-17 17:45
"Well done Engage for getting hold of this!"

Err... what?

Inayat's wife works for Redbridge. I expect she left it lying around on the breakfast table. Or told him to put it up on his website. FFS it's not rocket science.

Tell you what. Why don't you come back with an opinion poll based on more than just nine of your chums, and then maybe I'll start taking you seriously.

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+2 #10 Response to Mark TSack Blears 2009-06-17 17:27
QF has no support amongst UK Muslims. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to work that out: just walk into any mosque or Islamic centre in the UK and ask them for their views about Ed and Maajid.

The Redbridge report (well done Engage for getting hold of this!) confirms this reality.

And I am sure that Engage is disliked by the bigots at Harry's Place, that should be a badge of honour. Who on earth would want the approval of that slimy hasbara merchant David Toube?
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0 #9 Mark T 2009-06-17 11:29
Be that as it may, is it not a teensy bit misleading to that the QF has 'no support amongst UK Muslims' on the basis of the opinions of NINE people?

Now not only is that a risible sample size, but on top of that, these individuals were chosen for interview by an organization that Inayat's wife works for.

On this basis, I could choose ten people from my circle of acquaintances, interview them about iEngage, and draw the conclusion that

'iEngage is found utterly risible by the entire UK population'.

But of course, I wouldn't be that dishonest.
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0 #8 Shahid 2009-06-17 08:20
Mark T, how about we take a tour of some Mosques, Muslims organisations and schools one day and having explained what the dastardaly and decietful duo pronounce and propogate, see how many people laud them and how many people react with disgust, however 'modern & moderate' they are??
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+1 #7 Mousey 2009-06-17 05:57
Mark T:

'negative view towards the Quilliam Foundation [were] held almost universally by all participants

Yes, held universally by all... err... nine participants. '

I can only assume that you're not familiar with either Muslim blogsites or Muslims in general. Otherwise you'd have known that the 'nine participants' actually echo the views of many, many more.

Why else would it take the nutters at Harry's Place to defend Quilliam Foundation and not those from within the British Muslim community?
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+4 #6 Value for money?Mohammed Amin 2009-06-16 19:22
As a taxpayer, I want my government to get value for money whenever it spends. It is quite clear that the money spent on grants to the Quilliam Foundation is not achieving any valid government purpose.

Our taxes should not be wasted ths way.
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0 #5 Mark T 2009-06-16 18:47
negative view towards the Quilliam Foundation [were] held almost universally by all participants

Yes, held universally by all... err... nine participants.

What an incredibly thorough survey of the attitudes of all 2 million UK muslims this report must constitute.

(If this is the best you can do, I suggest you give up now).
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+2 #4 Rizwan K 2009-06-16 08:19
I think we will soon see their natural demise, as the paymasters in Whitehall realise that they are a liability that they can best do without. Another example that principled and honest representation is always more fruitful than betrayal and deciet.
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