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Mehdi Hasan responds to Harry's Place witchhunt

  Mehdi Hasan - a senior editor at the New Statesman - has this evening firmly responded to the smear campaign launched against him by the vile zionist blog Harry's Place.

Here at ENGAGE we have written several times about Harry's Place and dedicated a special ENGAGE Insight item which took a detailed look at the shadowy personalities behind HP and the McCarthyite tactics they have consistently deployed to try and marginalise vocal and politically engaged British Muslims.

It was also no surprise to see Martin 'The Great Koran Con Trick' Bright joining in the HP assault on Mehdi Hasan. You will recall that Bright left the New Statesman earlier this year and was effectively replaced by Mehdi Hasan.

This latest HP campaign has clearly backfired spectacularly and has laid bare for all to see the agenda behind Harry's Place and its supporters.

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-1 #3 Guest 2009-07-29 13:08
I think Harry's Place went after Mehdi Hasan cos of the comment he wrote in the Guardian effectively telling Ed and Maajid of the Quilliam Foundation to stop spouting nonsense with their effacing the concept of a 'Muslim world'.

HP and its Muslim stooges must hate that there's a Muslim out there that will tell it like it is without genuflecting to their neo con idols.
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-1 #2 Mousey 2009-07-29 12:52
I don't know whether to feel elated that Mehdi has stood his ground and revealed the bloggerscum at HP for the bigots they are, or to feel depressed that he has to defend his reputation as a Muslim journalist against a HP witchhunt.

I think it's disgraceful that Denis MacShane can politely call Harry's Place a 'political website'. He's part right in it being political - the neo con, pro Israeli agenda behind it is clear for all to see.
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-1 #1 Good may come of thisDark Cloud 2009-07-28 19:34
I know it must be tough on Mehdi to have to face such a concerted attack by David Toube and his goons over at Harry's Place based on outright distortions of his views.

But there could be good that comes out of this. Especially if it helps increase awareness of the rampant Islamophobia of Harry's Place and the likes of Bright.
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