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'Quilliam accuses anti-BNP protestors of 'thuggery and hooliganism''

 Islamophobia Watch draws attention to the accusation of alleged ‘thuggery and hooliganism’ by anti BNP demonstrators in Codnor last weekend made by the Quilliam Foundation Research Fellow Lucy James.

James, in an article for Progress Online writes, ‘Unfortunately, these anti-BNP protesters soon became violent – leading to a total of 19 protesters being arrested. Although it is good to see ordinary people protesting against the BNP, such protests become ineffective when they descend into thuggery and hooliganism."

IW comments: ‘A Reuters correspondent, who unlike Lucy James actually witnessed the protest, wrote that "the atmosphere as hundreds of demonstrators from across Britain descended on the village Codnor in Derbyshire seemed more one of cheerful determination to celebrate and protect multi-cultural Britain than a belligerent mob set on fist-fighting in fields".

Acting assistant chief constable Steve Cotterill was reported as saying: "We are pleased the protest has been mainly peaceful. We have made fewer arrests than last year."’

And where arrests did take place, as IW points out, they largely involved BNP supporters.

Unite Against Fascism, the group that organised the protest in Codnor, said that it was ‘aware of around a dozen anti-fascists arrested on the day, mostly those involved in occupying road junctions.

‘We believe that such tactics of non-violent direct action are a legitimate response to the BNP's racist thuggery and we do not believe anyone should be arrested for such actions
’, it said.

Indeed, the emphasis is on ‘non violent direct action’. How then did James come to describe the UAF rally as descending into ‘thuggery and hooliganism’?

The way to challenge the BNP’s anti Muslim racism is certainly through a sustained, fact based critique of its wildly false ideas on Islam and Muslims and its exaggerated anti Muslim scaremongering, as Lucy James claims. But that would require an interest in accuracy and facts, something QF's James appears to have lost sight of in her portrayal of anti fascist demonstrators in Codnor.

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0 #9 Not so!Haroon 2009-08-22 08:19
The Spittoon appears to have been set up to bolster the non-existent credibility of the Quilliam charlatans, Ed Husain and Maajid Nawaz. Who can forget that their most prominent supporters are foaming at the mouth neo-conservatives and Zionists.

As for Lucy James - her false depiction of the UAF demonstrators make clear that her agenda is to try and underine support for those organisations that are willing to work with our larger representative Muslim organisations as opposed to the tiny government-funded outfits like the QF.
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0 #8 Not a word about Lucy James\'s anti-BNP researchSo 2009-08-21 18:00
The cynical agenda of those running and commenting on this site is clearly evidenced by the way they have ignored Lucy James's valuable contribution to countering the BNP and its ideology. If defeating the BNP featured higher in their list of priorities than scoring points against the Quilliam Foundation then do you think they would've ignored Ms James's paper in this way?
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0 #7 Abdul Rehman 2009-08-20 17:57
The Spittoon consists of self confessed junior researchers who have no academic standing and no professional qualifications to comment or rebut any article. They hide behind pseudonyms out of pure intellectual fear. If one visits their site and reads the comments section of any of their ill researched shallow tabloid style articles, one will clearly find, insults, shallow statements and clear falsehood. The spittoon, like their ideological masters, Quilliam foundation, are not to be taken seriously on the basis of their own statements which have been rebutted on countless occasions. Their biggest failure, on clear display, is their lack of ability to respect the views of people who clearly point out to them the error of their ways.
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0 #6 Martin 2009-08-20 08:11
The Spittoon's "comprehensive rebuttal" is nothing of the sort.

My reading of Lucy James's words - "Although it is good to see ordinary people protesting against the BNP, such protests become ineffective when they descend into thuggery and hooliganism" - is that she is accusing both the Codnor and the Birmingham demonstrators of "thuggery and hooliganism".

In any case, even if you accept the Spittoon's dubious claim that this accusation referred exclusively to the events in Birmingham, James's statement that "these anti-BNP protesters soon became violent" was directed specifically against the almost entirely peaceful anti-fascist protest at Codnor. So what exactly does the Spittoon think they've "comprehensively rebutted"?

In connection with the Birmingham events, James claims that "violent clashes erupted between the English Defence League and Unite Against Fascism".

But this is just as misleading as her account of Codnor. What happened in Birmingham was that UAF organised a peaceful demonstration at the Bullring, with Salma Yaqoob among the featured speakers. You can watch a video of the events at, and hear a speaker at the UAF rally urging non-violence.

What then happened, to quote the maker of the video, was that "the EDL members that avoided being 'kettled' by police went straight for the anti-fascist protest, goaded the Birmingham youth, then got beaten and chased out of town".

It is clear that James's intention here is to smear UAF, without concern for honesty or accuracy. But then, UAF has a record of doing joint anti-fascist work with the MCB, so you can understand why Quilliam would be keen to discredit them.
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0 #5 Abdullah 2009-08-19 22:23
Is it wrong to confront Fascists? Was it wrong to confront Fascists in Cable St, east London in 1936 or in Southall in 1979? I agree with Shiraz Socialist

when he says:

"Also, while I’m no fan of violence I wouldn’t lose half a second of sleep over the prospect of fascists getting a taste of ‘well-directed boots and fists’."
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0 #4 RashadZAli 2009-08-19 19:06
As per the usual case, expect to see the Spittoon/Quilliamite article changed or rephrased once the main points of your post are circulated widely. For behind the thin and empty veneer of empty insults there is NOTHING of any substance whatsoever. It is no wonder that mysteriously and randomly links or comments that are mentioned in articles or blogs attacking parts of their posts suddenly disappear.
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0 #3 Quilliam\'s lies exposed again...Illuminati 2009-08-19 17:37
The Quilliam researcher clearly wrote that the anti-BNP protestors in Codnor had become 'violent' and were then arrested.

The UAF say that their supporters were arrested when they took part in non-violent actions such as occupying road junctions.

I know which of the two accounts I believe.
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0 #2 Laughable is laughable!Haroon 2009-08-19 17:22
I notice that you were not able to rebut a single point in the above article.

Please don't tell us to take the Quilliam charlatans seriously. We weren't born yesterday.
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0 #1 This article is inaccurate slimeLaughable 2009-08-19 12:21
Have you even read James's article? Fortunately, the Spittoon ( has put together a comprehensive rebuttal of your and IW's meanspirited and inaccurate attacks. You should be praising Quilliam for attacking the BNP's anti-Muslim vitriol but instead you're blinded by irrational hatred of Quilliam.

Read the article below for a more balanced take on it all.
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