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'Research shows Multiculturism is working in the UK'

 A new book by Lancaster University academics challenges the argument that multicultural policies in Britain are harming integration.

Professor Roger Penn and Dr Paul Lambert of Lancaster University in a new book, 'Children of International Migrants in Europe', argue that the children of international migrants in Britain show a higher degree of cultural assimilation than their counterparts in France and Germany. 

The findings are based upon a survey of over 2500 young adults - Indians and Pakistanis in Britain, North Africans and Portuguese in France, and Turks and former-Yugoslavs in Germany.

Young Pakistanis and Indians in Britain preferred TV shows like EastEnders and Coronation Street. Most read the Sun and the Mirror’, according to research.

There was no evidence of political radicalism. Rather, there was a general indifference to politics amongst all groups.  Children of international migrants in Britain expressed very little interest in the politics of their parents’ country. 71% of Indians and 43% of Pakistanis expressed ‘no interest’. This contrasted particularly with Turks in Germany and North Africans in France.

'Ethnic disadvantages within education were pronounced in Germany but far less evident in Britain. Indians and Pakistanis in Britain experienced much better relative educational outcomes than children of international migrants in France and Germany. Turks in Germany and North Africans in France fared poorly in the German and French educational systems. In Britain Indians and Pakistanis were three times more likely to enter a university than their counterparts in France and Germany.

‘Religion remained an important aspect of the day to day lives of children of international migrants. Amongst Muslim groups there was limited evidence of secularisation.

Professor Penn, speaking on the research findings said: “Perceptions of discrimination were lowest in Britain and highest in Germany, reflecting the failure of the German model of exclusive ‘ethnic nationalism’.

“Britain’s model of multiculturalism is proving far more effective for the incorporation of ethnic minority groups than French ‘assimilationist’ or German ‘ethnic nationalist’ ones.

Hat-tip: Islamophobia Watch

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