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Govt issues a detailed response to the Guardian 'spying on innocent Muslims' stories

 The Home Office today has responded to the story published in the Guardian on Saturday 17 October on the use of Prevent to spy on Muslims, and the report by Arun Kundnani of the Institute of Race Relations on ‘Spooked! How not to prevent violent extremism’, with what purports to be a point-by-point rebuttal. You can read the HO’s response in full here, including a letter to the Quilliam Foundation from the Director of Prevent/RICU, Debbie Gupta. 

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0 #2 Abdullah 2009-10-29 00:52
Even Yahya Birt came across complaints about this:

"Under the Home Office's Prevent policy, aimed at countering violent extremism, local authorities have had to prioritise counter-terrorism. Youth services, community safety and neighbourhood teams, social inclusion and regeneration teams are all being inveigled into this cause. Community workers are concerned about how to preserve relationships of trust with those they are helping, particularly with Muslim young people. One youth worker I spoke to complained of police intrusion into his work, of being pressurised to reveal details about his clients and to breach his professional code of confidentiality. Youth services, he said, were being driven towards counter-terrorism and away from drugs and criminality."
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0 #1 Abdullah 2009-10-28 23:56
RICU keeps saying that the police have no knowledge. This may well be true, but have MI5 been up to something without the knowledge of the police or the Home Office?
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