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Recent Letters in the Press

Rights of Muslims, letter to Western Mail, 11 Dec 2008

Citizenship classes should not isolate, letter to Birmingham Post, 10 Dec 2008

Muslim neighbours, letter to The Independent, The Rev. Stephen Griffith MBE, 27 Oct 2008

Response to Douglas Murray's article on Islamophobia and the media, letter to Standpoint Magazine, Yusuf Smith, 27 Sept 2008

'Rotten Boroughs', letter to New Statesman, Yusuf Smith, 8 May 2008 

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Recent judgments by the Press Complaints Commission

Inayat Bunglawala, ENGAGE vs Daily Star

Hizb ut-Tahrir vs The Sunday Times

Metro, 'Girl of 8 suicide bomber'

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Sample letters

Here are some sample letters that you can use as a template when drafting your own letters to the press. Please remember these are guidelines only. The more unique your letter is, the more likely it is to attract attention so don’t copy these samples, follow their guidelines.


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Apologies and Retractions

Writing in complaint of inaccurate or defamatory material is your right as a citizen and an individual. Muslims are increasingly forcing newspapers to rethink their irresponsible practices by using legal means of redress.

The Daily Express printed an apology to Inayat Bunglawala, in both print and online editions for a story that grotesquely misrepresented his comments.

The Sun newspaper was similarly forced to retract the contents of a story on a Muslim bus driver which were proven to have been fabricated. The apology is re-printed below and can be read here

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