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Hate Crimes 2010

Hate Crimes 2010

1. Assaults or attacks on persons of Muslim Background

Veiled woman refused bus ride- BBC, 23rd July 2010

Muslim reverts face physical and verbal Islamophobic abuse, The Times, 29th May 2010


2. Attacks on Muslim Property or institutions

Kingston Mosque attacked, including urination in foyer and windows smashed, Surrey Comet, 21st November 2010

Pig's head hung on gates of planned Islamic centre, Evening Chronicle, 11th November 2010

Muslim-owned shop sprayed with swastika and car burned, Lancashire Telegraph, 20th September 2010

Pig's head stuck on gates of North London Central Mosque, Islington Gazette, 19th July 2010

3. Verbal abuse and hate speech

BNP activist distributes leaflets claiming Muslims are responsible for heroine trade, BBC, 21st June 2010

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