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Hate Crimes 2011

Hate Crimes 2011


1. Assaults or attacks on persons of Muslim Background

Man who urinated on Muslim's trainers found guilty of religiously-aggravated common assault, Get Bracknell, 19th December 2011

Male gang abuse Muslim woman in Telford, Shropshire Star, 1st December 2011

Muslim graduate alleges racist attack by police, Metro, 17th November 2011

Woman pleads guilty to racially aggravated abuse of Muslim woman, Ilford Recorder, 14th November 2011

Muslim man attacked by three men on way to mosque, Fulham Chronicle, 9th November 2011

Ahmadiyya book stall attacked by EDL, Halesowen News, 17th October 2011

Teen who attacked pensioner outside mosque given three years, BBC, 6th October 2011

Teen admits violent attack on elderly Muslim man in Kilmarnock, Kilmarnock Standard, 16th September 2011

Man attacked on way to mosque in Essex, Echo, 22nd August 2011

71 year old man sustains serious facial injuries after attack as he opened mosque, Cumnock Chronicle, 15th July 2011

Prison sentence for man who ripped burqa from woman's head, The Courier, 13th July 2011

Muslim man faces religious discrimination from boss including offensive, derogatory and Islamophobic email circulation, Muslim News, 27th May 2011

Salma Yaqoob recieves racist and threatening emails from extremists, Birmingham Post, 25th May 2011

Gainsborough man convicted with racially aggravated harrasment of Muslims, Gainsborough Standard, 16th May 2011

Off-duty Muslim police officer assaulted in Lincoln, This is Lincolnshire, 6th May 2011

Babar Ahmad assaulted by police during forced raid, Reuters, 4th May 2011

Muslim woman attacked by gang of school girls, Sutton Guardian, 21st April 2011

Muslim family attacked because woman wore headscarf, Herald Scotland, 17th April 2011

Muslim girl sustains facial injuries after attack for refusal to remove headscarf, Press TV, 13th April 2011

Police probe racist bullying of Muslim school girl, Manchester Evening News, 13th April 2011

New research claims veiled Muslim women are under attack, University of Leicester, 4th April 2011

Man fined for racist abuse at Muslims, Scotsman, 18th March 2011

Man gets ten year CRASBO for racially aggravated threats towards Muslims including children, Lincolnshire Police, 10th March 2011

2. Attacks on Muslim Property or institutions

Drunk woman smashes mosque window in Tyneside, Shields Gazette, 23rd December 2011

Soldier sentenced to 10 years for attempted mosque arson, Mail on Sunday, 9th December 2011

Muslim family move on as abusers are punished, Leicester Mercury, 8th December 2011

British soldier in court over mosque arson attack plan, The Sentinel, 6th December 2011

Mosque to get CCTV after aggressive entry and racist abuse of elderly women, Llanelli Star, 23rd November 2011

West Midlands mosque vandalised on Remembrance Day, Suite 101, 15th November 2011

Stockport mosque vandalised, Stockport Express, 10th November 2011

Three sentenced for attack on Hartlepool mosque, BBC, 3rd October 2011

Four Redbridge mosque attackers jailed, Ilford Recorder, 28th September 2011

Southend mosque attacked, Southend Standard, 27th September 2011

Two mosques vandalised in Milton Keynes, MK News, 26th September 2011

Man who nailed bacon to mosque door goes free after mosque asks for leniency, Shields Gazette, 24th September 2011

Two EDL protesters aggressive and damage property in kebab shop, Kent Online, 19th September 2011

Bournville college attacked after rumours claim it's a mosque, Birmingham Mail, 16th September 2011

Two men admit attack on Hartlepool Mosque, Asian Image, 16th September 2011

Things thrown and verbal abuse in attack on Newcastle mosque, Evening Chronicle, 9th August 2011

Youth throw stones at and verbally abuse 90 year-old man on his way to mosque, Kidderminster Shuttle, 27th July 2011

Sunderland mosque attacked with racist graffiti, Sunderland Echo, 27th July 2011

Luton mosque spray painted and vandalised, Socialist Worker, 23rd July 2011

Pig's head thrown on site of proposed mosque, MK News, 6th July 2011

Man who defiled Bristol mosque claims it was 'retaliation' for poppy burning, Bristol Evening Post, 22nd June 2011

Number of mosques recieving suspicious packages, London Evening Standard, 17th June 2011

Windows of news mosque building smashed, BBC, 31st May 2011

Chorley Moque daubed with racist graffiti and Qur'an descrated, Lancashire Telegraph, 25th May 2011

Three arrested after Darlington mosque disturbances, The Northern Echo, 14th May 2011

Man admits daubing Muslim World League Building with EDL and image of a cross, Camden New Journal, 28th April 2011

Three convicted over anti-Muslim graffiti, Northern Echo, 28th April 2011

Twenty Muslim graves attacked, BBC, 22nd April 2011

Two men arrested over racist and anti-Islamic graffit near Mosque, Wirral Globe, 18th April 2011

Epson man convicted for mosque attack including throwing beer and urinating on Muslims, Your Local Guardian, 7th April 2011

Prison for National Front supporter and ex-soldier for mosque bomb threat, BBC, 6th April 2011

Violent attack at Redbridge mosque and congregates, Guardian, 6th April 2011

Two men charged with arson with intent to endanger life after mosque fire, BBC, 25th March 2011

Ipswich church planned to be Muslim-run community centre for all burnt down, Evening Star, 9th March 2011

EDL member pleads guilty to religiously aggravated harrasment and theft of the Quran from Carlisle Library, News and Star, 24th March 2011

Kent memorial bridge defaced with anti-Muslim slogans incuding "kill Muslims", Kent Online, 16th February 2011

Small Heath Islamic school receives firebomb threats after TV documentary, Birmingham Post, Feb 16th 2011

Three men charged with Haywards Heath mosque arson, BBC, 14th February 2011

Muslim centre site target of arson, Flintshire Chronicle, 10th February 2011

Luton homes attacked after EDL march, Socialist Worker, 6th February 2011

Pork and bacon thrown at Muslim buildings and homes, Chronicle Live, 1st February 2011

Arson attack on Muslim-owned halal food shop, two men and baby injured, Daily Echo, 28th January 2011

Hemel Hempstead mosque target of vandalism, Hemel Today, 12th January 2011

Man charged over Leicester mosque attack, BBC, 11th January 2011

3. Verbal abuse and hate speech

Woman's racist rant on London bus, Daily Mail, 14th December 2011

Racist woman abuses ethnic minority passengers on London tram, BBC, 28th November 2011

South Shields man convicted of running religious hate campaign against Muslims, Evening Chronicle, 20th May 2011

BNP candidate Nancy Shaw-Farmer refuses to apologise for vile and racist comments against Pakistanis and Muslims on Facebook page, Lancashire Telegraph, 4th May 2011

UKIP by-election candidate writes series of of offensive blogs during election campaign, ENGAGE, 3rd May 2011

BNP candidate under fire for racist messages about Muslims on Facebook and using abusive language, Western Mail, 28th April 2011

Qur'an burning football steward quits after investigation into employee support, News and Star, 23rd April 2011

BNP leaflets referred to Electoral Commission for false claim that there are "more Muslims in the UK than Scots", Herald Scotland, 17th April 2011

Racist Leaflets delivered to Millom residents, North West Evening Maill, 15th April 2011

Qur'an burning inquiry continues after case withdrawn, BBC, 15th April 2011

Campaign against Camberley mosque described as 'irresponsible scaremongering', Daily Telegraph, 5th April 2011

Engage lodges complaint with ECHR and Metropolitan Police over Melanie Phillips 'Armchair Barbarism' article, ENGAGE, 17th March 2011

Labour Councillor suspended after racist and offensive email sent, The Enquirer, 14th February 2011

Two EDL members arrested after publishing online racist and inflammatory comments about Muslims, This is Devon, 10th February 2011

Alternative Vote referendum campaigner sacked for Islamophobic tweet, London Evening Standard, 2nd February 2011

Not enough evidence to prosecute for Qur'an burning in Gateshead, BBC, 21st January 2011

Church magazine under fire after highly Islamophobic article published, This is Kent, 14th January 2011

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