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EDL Supporters in Blackburn Protest Over KFC Serving 'Halal Chicken'


Lancashire News reports that police have obtained an order against extremist right-wing group, the English Defence League (EDL), over their protests against Blackburn’s KFC serving halal chicken.

From the article,

“Officers acted after seven nights of demonstrations kicked off with scenes of disorder as 50 English Defence League protestors descended on the Haslingden Road restaurant.”

“Four men were arrested on suspected public order offences late on Sunday and a skip was set on fire.”

“The problems prompted police to obtain an order which limits the protests to no more than nine demonstrators and means they must end their action by 7.30pm each day.”

Blackburn MP, Jack Straw, commented, "this seems to be an effort by these people are more right-wing than the BNP to stir up problems which don't exist", adding, “I eat Halal and I have never had any problems with it.”

The Chairman of the Lancashire Council of Mosques (LCM), Salim Mulla, however, commented that the LCM did not even accept the KFC meat as halal. Lancashire News reports:

“He said to be granted the status by the LCM the killing needed to be taken in the name of God, be hand slaughtered and ensure the three main veins are cut so death is instant.”

“Coun Mulla said: "This method is less cruel than other methods and that has been shown in evidence from scientists.”

"KFC stun the animals first and use a mechanical slaughter device, so we cannot support that."

The EDL extremists have picked up on the campaign over the last few weeks, instigated by the Mail on Sunday, against halal meat. The report by the Mail on Sunday sparked a torrent of coverage by the usual right-wing suspect tabloids, attempting to manufacture outrage at the fact that businesses were serving halal meat to their customers. The campaign has continued for the third week, with the Mail claiming some sort of victory in its efforts when Waitrose decided to introduce non-halal lamb products. It is of interest that the article in the Mail now seems to have an issue with the Islamic prayer recited over all halal meat when originally we were being led to believe it was about animal welfare. They even brought in a “devout Christian”, Patricia Dunton, to comment, “I don’t like the fact that an Islamic prayer has been said over it.”

It is the atmosphere that this kind of anti-Islamic rhetoric creates that extremists such as the EDL to exploit to give credibility to their particular brand of bigotry.

The EDL have, time and time again, attempted to disrupt social cohesion by committing acts of hatred against Muslims and attempting to sow discord between communities. Their planned march in Leicester on 9th October was yesterday banned by Home Secretary, Theresa May. A Home Office spokesman commented, “Leicestershire Constabulary are committed to using their powers to ensure communities and properties are protected and we encourage all local people to work with the police to ensure community cohesion is not undermined by public disorder.” However, a static protest is still possible and is reported to be going ahead.

The last time there was such a ban on an EDL march was in Bradford, when the Home Secretary consented to a requested ban following a 10,000 strong petition from Bradford residents. A static protest was allowed to go ahead, which resulted in bricks, bottles and smoke bombs being thrown at anti-racism supporters and police by around 700 EDL hooligans.

In Leicester, the general secretary of the Indian Workers’ Association’s Leicester branch, Sital Singh Gill, commented on the tensions that were being stirred up in the local community:

“The English Defence League are organising these kind of events across the country, stirring up racism and provoking violent attacks on Muslim, black and Asian Communities and on mosques and Hindu temples.”

It is worth asking how long will the EDL be allowed to continue its rampage of hatred and destruction, while other, non-violent groups, have been banned. It is also worth asking what it will take for the usual tabloid suspects to wake up to the effects of their anti-Islamic rhetoric and take some responsibility to create cohesion instead of disunity.

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0 #2 MOhammed Abbas 2010-10-16 05:24
Since EDL are living in UK, they must be

civilized. If they are not then leave UK
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0 #1 Halal-only Menus Iftikhar Ahmad 2010-10-08 13:56

All children should be offered a choice. That way Muslims can eat what they want and non-Muslims can eat what they want.

There are couples of state schools in Harrow where Muslim children are in majority. In my opinion, all such schools may be opted out as Muslim Academies so that non-Muslim children could enjoy their own meals in their own schools.

There are hundreds of state and church schools where Muslim children are in majority. In my opinion, all such schools may be opted out as Muslim Academies. This is the solution to all the issues and problems faced by Muslim community and the host community. There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school.

Multicultural Britain has a relatively large broad trilingual population whose skills are under recognised and understood.Those skills should be used as a bonus, but British schooling has been trying its best to discourage them not to learn and speak their mother tongues. According to an anthropological linguist, when a language dies, its heritage and identity will die with it. There is a positive co-relation between language and culture. Language and culture are interconnected.

A report by the Institute for Community Cohesion found that native parents were deserting some schools after finding their children out numbered by pupils from ethnic minorities. Schools in parts of England are becoming increasingly segregated. The study focused on 13 local authorities. Many of the schools and colleges are segregated and this was generally worsening over recent years. This is RACISM because British society is the home of institutional racism. My statement regarding Muslim schools where there is no place for non-Muslim child or a teacher is based on educational process and not on racism. Muslim children need Muslim teachers during their developmental periods. For higher studies and research, Muslim teacher is not a priority.
Iftikhar Ahmad
jttp://www.londonschoolofislami cs.org.uk
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