Thursday, June 30 2016

New book: Pointing the Finger - Islam and Muslims in the British Media

Roy Greenslade on his Media Guardian blog writes of a new book out this week which focuses on a subject matter that is under-researched but hugely significant. He writes:

“Few topics are as controversial as the media treatment of Muslims, and too few journalists take it seriously. They should, because they are responsible for the stories people retell.

“Consider these gems: Hogwash: Now the PC brigade bans piggy banks in case they upset Muslims (no they didn't); Christmas is banned: it offends Muslims (no it wasn't); Now Christ is banned (no he wasn't).

“These examples are taken from a book that was published this week, Pointing the Finger: Islam and Muslims in the British Media*, edited by Julian Petley and Robin Richardson .

“It is press-generated myths about Islam that fuel misunderstandings and feed prejudice, and thus bedevil rational discussion.”

Greenslade takes part in a programme on Muslims and the UK media on London Tonight this Thursday (14th April). Check the TV schedule and tune in!

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