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MEPs discuss Terrorism Situation in the EU


The EU Observer’s “Let’s talk about EU” programme last week discussed Europol’s “Terrorism Situation and Trend Report 2011” with MEPs Franziska Brantner (Greens) and Derk Jan Eppink (European Conservatives and Reformists Group). 

You can watch the video above and follow the discussion on the EU’s counter-terrorism strategy, the role of the EU’s democracy promotion programme in the MENA region in tackling the causes of radicalisation, and the importance of the criminal justice system in dealing with suspected terrorists.

Europol’s report can be read in full here with summary data presented below. Of notable interest is data indicating that while “the threat of attacks by Islamist terrorists in the EU remains high and diverse,” the overwhelming number of terrorist attacks in the EU during 2010, according to Europol stats, were perpetrated by separatist, left-wing and anarchist groups. See below:

"Islamist terrorism"

  • 3 Islamist terrorist attacks carried out in the Member States
  • 179 individuals arrested for Islamist terrorist offences
  • 89 individuals arrested for the preparation of attacks in the EU
  • Terrorist recruitment and support networks are active in many EU Member States
  • The security situation outside the EU impacts on Islamist terrorist activities inside the EU

"Separatist terrorism"

  • 160 separatist attacks occurred in 2010, mainly in France and Spain
  • A police officer was killed by ETA in France
  • 349 individuals arrested for separatist terrorist related offences
  • Most of the separatist groups finance their activities through extortion
  • Increased international cooperation between separatist terrorist groups inside and outside the EU
  • Ethno-nationalist and separatist terrorist groups, such as ETA (Euskadi ta Askatasuna)8 and the PKK/ KONGRA-GEL, continue to seek international recognition and political self-determination. They are motivated by nationalism, ethnicity and/or religion

"Left-wing and anarchist terrorism"

  • 45 left- wing and anarchist terrorist attacks occurred in 2010
  • 6 fatalities including 1 Greek police officer
  • 34 individuals arrested for left-wing and anarchist terrorist activities
  • Increased violence in attacks
  • Increased transnational coordination between terrorist and extremist left-wing and anarchist groups

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