Wednesday, June 29 2016

French satirical magazine invites Prophet Muhammad as 'editor in chief' for next issue

  The BBC reports that French publication, Charlie Hebdo is to mark the election victory of An-Nahda in Tunisia by inviting "the Prophet Muhammad as "editor-in-chief" for its next issue".
"It will be renamed Sharia Hebdo, the weekly said in a statement on Monday.

"The publication's editor-in-chief and cartoonist Charb said they were not trying to be especially provocative," according to the BBC News report.
Satirical magazines have an important place in liberal democracies, often relating politics and political life in a humorous and engaging style.
But one can only wonder what Charlie Hebdo hopes to achieve by staging this latest stunt?
If the magazine were determined to not be seen as being "especially provocative,” why not allow the party officials of An-Nahda to guest edit the publication and see who has the last laugh?

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0 #1 tom watson 2011-11-25 19:42
its ironic having an illiterate editor. who executed a poet who dared disobey y6qs
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