Tuesday, June 28 2016

Muslim family able to move on as hateful abusers punished

 The Leicester Mercury reports on the religious and racial abuse endured by a Muslim couple in Leicester who are only now able to move on with their lives as the perpetrators face trial.

From the Leicester Mercury:
“Sabana and Salim Amod left Leicester's Saffron Lane in June, after two years of abuse and vandalism.

“Yobs smashed the windows of their Helmsley Road home, slashed their car tyres, sprayed racist graffiti about their Muslim faith on their front door and threw stones at the couple and their children.
“Several people have now appeared in court charged with racially-aggravated offences.
“The Amods, who are now living in Highfields, said it was difficult going to court, but they wanted their tormentors to know the hurt they had caused.
“Mum Sabana, 40, said: "I was frightened when I went to court, but I wanted them to see me and the harm they have caused me and my family.
“"I think it is very sad it has come to them being in court because I offered them the chance to stop and apologise, but seeing them face punishment has helped us put it behind us.
“"My children still have nightmares about bricks coming through the windows, but we are slowly settling into our new peaceful life.”

The accused include a 16 year-old boy who admitted racially-aggravated criminal damage who was ordered to give £100 compensation to the family; a 54 year-old woman who was fine £167 and must pay £25 compensation to the family for racially-aggravated and threatening behaviour; and a 21 year-old man who has been ordered to do 150 hours of community service and pay £100 compensation after pleading guilty to racially-aggravated damage. The case of a 15 year-old charged with criminal damage to the family car is yet to be heard.
Sabana stated that, “"Sadly, the memories are always there for my children, and for me.
“"Just last week, my son heard about snow on the news. Last year during the snow we could not leave the house without people throwing snow at us.
“"My little boy asked if this year, he would have to stay inside if it snowed again.
“"That shows it is still very much in our thoughts. But everyone here is kind."

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