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EDL leader to take up leadership position in British Freedom Party

The website, EDL News claims that Stephen Lennon, the leader of the English Defence League is to be appointed deputy leader of the British Freedom Party. The BFP is a far-right breakaway party of the British National Party.

The revelations come following an investigation into a meeting held in a Luton hotel on the 14th February.

From EDL News:

“The British Freedom Party are to appoint the English Defence League leader, Stephen Yaxley Lennon aka Tommy Robinson as deputy leader of the party according to sources within the Party.

“According to documents seen by us, those present at the meeting were Chairman, Paul Weston, National Nomination Officer George Whale and their Communications Officer Lee Cooper.  Present from the English Defence League were EDL leader Stephen Yaxley Lennon and second in charge, Kevin Carroll.

“Also Present [sic] at the meeting was Ann Marchini who was understood to have been at the 2009 founding meeting of the EDL and has close links to Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake, the EDL's financial bankroller.

“In the meeting, Lennon confirmed that he was interested in the role. There was also interest from Kevin Carroll and Gurmit Singh for other positions within the party.

“The documents states that the Executive Committee will vote on the proposal of Lennon becoming the party's Deputy Leader. It went on to state that it will be a formality and will be unanimously passed. Lennon will remain as the leader of the EDL after he joins British Freedom.

“In another document we have seen, senior members of the BFP are discussing policies which the English Defence League wish to push. These suggest to us that Muslims are the target and not just Muslim extremists.

“One of their demands is to focus on "non-Islamic" population, not "white/black" population which further suggests they want to drive a wedge between the Muslim community and the rest of the population.

“Other key demands of the EDL are to ban the Burka, Ban Muslims from building places of worship and the creation of a dubious website article which heavily suggests that they have a donor who is willing to give them £50,000. This is justified to get to donations rolling in.

“Among the policies are:

•    Ban the Burqa / Niqab
•    Stop the development of all new mosques
•    Stop the development of all new madrassas (Islamic School)
•    Outlaw all forms of Sharia, including Sharia courts, Sharia finance
•    Focus on "non-Islamic" population, not "white/black" population
•    Have a system in place to regulate all mosques & madrassas
•    End to mass immigration, except for vital (highly qualified positions). Immigrants must undergo health check, have a sponsor, have sufficient funds to support them and their families and must be able to speak/write English.
•    Creation of a website article to confirm that "potential donor donates £50k to British Freedom" to get funding started.  Must stress potential.
•    No mention of the initials "BFP" or the name "British  Freedom Party" as too closely sounding to BNP.  British Freedom should ensure they are only ever referred to as "British Freedom".  "Party" word must be dropped from everywhere.
•    Leave the European Union.
•    Promote Christian values.
•    Ban polygamy.

“The announcement was due to be made at the Luton Icon Hotel, at 10am on Saturday 5th May, three hours before the EDL's demonstration in the town that day.

“After the press conference, Tommy Robinson is due to make a speech to EDL members gathered at the demonstration, followed by a speech from Paul Weston.”

The report confirms reports last November that the EDL are to enter into an alliance with the BFP, with the EDL hoping to ‘detoxify’ its name by entering into a political alliance with an existing party, and the BFP hoping to gain on the EDL’s supporters. The EDL has already aligned itself with other far-right parties in Europe, and was imperative in organising a recent rally with the aim of forming a ‘European Defence League’.

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