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UKIP candidate stripped of candidacy for supporting Breivik theory

As election campaigns draw to a close, with the electorate going to the polls tomorrow, news reports draw attention to two UKIP candidates whose views on Muslims, ranging from support for Anders Breivik’s ‘thesis on Islam’ to calling the Qur’an ‘a fascist book’, have been exposed.

The BBC reports that a UKIP candidate in Sheffield’s local elections has been stripped of his candidacy by the party after comments he made on his blog last August, in which he stated his support for the ideas of Anders Behring Breivik, came to light.

From the BBC:

“A man who was due to stand in Sheffield's local elections for UKIP has been stripped of the candidacy over comments made on his blog.

“Steve Moxon, a former government whistle-blower, is standing in the Dore and Totley ward.

“On his blog he said Norwegian killer Anders Breivik's thesis on Islam and political correctness was accurate.

“Mr Moxon said he "resolutely does not agree with" his crimes. UKIP said his comments were at odds with its policy.

“He told BBC Radio Sheffield he had been "amicably" removed as a candidate but remained a member of UKIP.

“He said: "I would stress that I do not in any way agree with Anders Breivik's actions.

“"In the unlikely event I get elected I guess I would be an independent at least for a while."

“In a statement, UKIP said: "We note that Steve Moxon has not condoned the actions of the maniac Breivik.

“"However, he has made a number of remarks on subjects such as the Breivik manifesto and Islam that are at odds with UKIP policy and perspective."

“Mr Moxon posted the comments on his blog last August. UKIP said it was unaware of the remarks when it selected him as a candidate, as it would have taken an "inordinate amount of time" to read everything written by prospective candidates during the vetting procedure.”

Islamophobia Watch alerts of another incident via Political Scrapbook, whereby UKIP candidate, Julia Gasper, referred to the Qur’an as a ‘fascist book’ and compared ‘apologists for Islam’ to Holocaust deniers.

From Political Scrapbook:

“A candidate for UKIP has compared Islam’s holiest book to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, Political Scrapbook can reveal. Academic Julia Gasper — a former Westminster hopeful and current council candidate in Oxford – said the Koran was “fascist” and compared those who defend Islam to holocaust deniers.

“In emails seen by Scrapbook, Gasper ranted:

““Why is it any more wrong to assert that the Koran is a fascist book than to assert that Mein Kampf is a fascist book? The Koran is a lot more explicit in advocating hate and murder than Mein Kampf is.”

“Having dismissed comparisons between sections of the Koran and the Old Testament as “not valid”, Gasper responded to suggestions that her hateful bile was demonising Muslims:

““Words like “demonization” are just self-deception. They are being used to persuade you to keep your eyes shut. In fact, the apologists for Islam are really very similar to Holocaust deniers.””

In January this year, Political Scrapbook broke the story of Liberal Democrat council candidate, Dave Stones making a series of anti-Muslim remarks. Stones subsequently lost his safe seat in the Redcar and Cleveland Newcomen Ward.

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