Saturday, July 02 2016

Prophet cartoon row at UCL

BBC Asian Network has reported that the publication by the UCL atheist society of a cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammed and Prophet Jesus having a drink at a bar has caused a row at the university. The UCL Students Union body asked the society to remove the picture. The society refused and the president of the society responsible for the publication has subsequently resigned.

From the BBC:

“The president of a London university atheist society has resigned over a row about an image of the Prophet Muhammad.


“The society at University College London (UCL) published an image on its Facebook page showing "Jesus and Mo" having a drink at a bar."

After some students protested against its publication, “The atheist group was asked by the UCL union to remove it, but refused and started a petition defending its freedom of expression.

“UCL's Atheist, Secularist and Humanist society said its president Robbie Yellon was stepping down to be replaced by former vice president Michael Thor.

The BBC states that the image was “taken from an online satirical comic called Jesus and Mo.

“The twice-weekly comic strip, running since 2005, depicts Jesus and what creators say is a "body double" of Muhammad talking to a barmaid.

“UCL Union (UCLU) said in a statement: "The atheist society has agreed they will take more consideration when drawing up publicity for future events.

"The society was asked to remove the image because UCLU aims to foster good relations between different groups of students and create a safe environment where all students can benefit from societies regardless of their religious or other beliefs."

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