Sunday, June 26 2016

Eleven arrested at EDL protest in Rochdale

The Manchester Evening News and BBC News Manchester reported over the weekend on the arrest of eleven people on public order offences during an EDL protest in Rochdale which took place on Saturday.

From the Manchester Evening News:

“Eleven men were arrested by police today during a rally by the English Defence League in Rochdale.

“More than 400 members of the far-right organisation gathered for around two hours outside the town hall.

“Many gathered outside pubs on Packer Street amid a heavy police presence before they were escorted by officers to a pen on the car park outside the town hall. Officers dealt with a handful of minor skirmishes as the group marched the short distance to the car park from Packer Street.

“Greater Manchester Police said eleven men were arrested on suspicion f
[sic] various offences.

“Ten of those arrested were attending the EDL rally. An eleventh rrest
[sic] was made at nearby Broadfield Park, where a ounter-demonstration [sic] and unity rally was held.

“Police dog handlers and mounted police were positioned around the demonstration zone.

“Coun Colin Lambert, leader of Rochdale council, said…“I would like to thank the residents of this fantastic borough for continuing to demonstrate that people co-exist peacefully here and extreme, far-right views have no place. I am also proud of the support shown by our businesses, who continued to operate in challenging circumstances.”"

The protest follows the conviction last month of nine men from Rochdale on charges of grooming young girls for sex. Several arrests were also made last month in Rochdale during protests organised by the BNP and attended by far-right groups.

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