Monday, June 27 2016

Norwich pub bans EDL meetings

The Norwich Advertiser reports that the English Defence League have been banned from meeting at a pub in Norwich following complaints disapproving of their presence at the establishment. The EDL were due to meet at the pub last weekend.

From the local paper:

“Meetings of the controversial English Defence League have been banned at a Norwich pub after a string of complaints.

About 45 members of the group, which is associated with violent demonstrations, have met at the Marlpit pub in Hellesdon Road. No trouble was reported and another meeting was booked for last weekend. But after complaints about the meetings from an anti-EDL group, the pub’s owners, Enterprise Inns, banned the EDL and the meeting was cancelled.

“A spokesman for Enterprise said the licensee had been “reminded of their obligations”.

“It it [sic] understood the pub agreed to let the EDL hold the first meeting, but after receiving emails complaining, Enterprise Inns urged the landlady to not allow any more meetings.

“Green Party councillor for Wensum ward, Lucy Galvin, said she was concerned by the EDL activity in the area.

“She said: “Norwich has a long and proud tradition, stretching back centuries, of welcoming people of many faiths.

““There’s no room here for groups which seek to set people against each other and cause trouble.”

“The Norwich division of the EDL, which has 75 members on its Facebook page on the internet, is also planning a march through Norwich on October 20.”

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