Friday, May 27 2016

‘We Are Waltham Forest’ aim to stop August EDL demo

The Waltham Forest Guardian reports that local campaign group, We Are Waltham Forest, have vowed to make the London borough a ‘no-go area’ for the English Defence League after the EDL announced plans to demonstrate in Walthamstow in August.

From the local paper:

“Campaigners opposed to a proposed march by the far-right English Defence League (EDL) have vowed to make the borough a no-go area for the group.

“The EDL announced online earlier this year that members intend to hold a demonstration in Walthamstow on Saturday August 18.

“The We Are Waltham Forest campaign, set up in response to the proposed march, has now said its members will try and stop the event from going ahead with a counter-demonstration the same day.

“The comments come after the group's first meeting, which it said was a big success attended by more than 100 residents.

“The campaign is also planning a fundraising music concert on Friday June 29 at the Orford House Social Club in Walthamstow.

“An EDL statement said: "Further details (of the march) will be given nearer the time.

"We are currently working together with the Met Police liaison team.”

Previous EDL demonstrations in London have drawn significant counter protests and often arrests. Residents, councillors and MPs in Tower Hamlets successfully petitioned the Home Secretary to ban an EDL demo last August amid fears their presence could spark further unrest and violence in the capital.

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