Friday, July 01 2016

EDL supporter posts Islamophobic comments on Facebook

Islamophobia Watch draws attention to Islamophobic comments and threats of violence posted on the Facebook page of English Defence League supporter, Danny Holmes.

Holmes has posted several comments including one where he describes ‘infidels’ as “anyone who is the enemy of Islam anyone who doesn’t believe in the c*** sucker allah”.

He also wrote, “who wants to come to a secret firework display its gonna be lethal its so secret even the mosque im doing it at doesnt know its gonna be a surprise”

In another post, he wrote “theres a muslim stall at barking market and everytime I try their tops on and read their books they ask me to leave cant wait to Tuesday the f***ing lots getting trashed watch this space theres a ginger convert hes getting it too”

In recent months there have been a number of arrests and prosecutions against people who have posted Islamophobic, racist and threatening comments on Facebook. They include the recent prosecution of two men who posted an offensive remark about a Muslim praying in public; the prosecution of a man who incited rioting and attacking Muslims on Facebook; and the arrest of a man who threatened an ‘Oslo-style’ attack on Asian restaurants on his Facebook page.

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