Tuesday, May 24 2016

Far right meet at European Parliament

New Europe Online reports that members of far right organisations from several European countries, including the UK, recently attended a meeting at the European parliament where far right literature was sold to attendees.

From New Europe Online:

“Far right members from organisations in Germany, Sweden and the UK attended a meeting in the European Parliament on 9 July at which literature was sold to attendees.

“While one keynote speaker described how "The pansy left are auditioning to be the Muslim's prison b*tch" and said the mainstream media represented "a threat to life and liberty."

“The same speaker stated: "A society which becomes more Muslim becomes less everything else."

New Europe report that English Defence League leader, Stephen Lennon, addressed a meeting under the name, International Civil Liberties Alliance, to evade detection. New Europe states that Lennon used the platform to make the claim that Luton was at the 'centre of a plot' to bring Britain under the authority of the 'Islamic world'.

Richard Howitt, British MEP for the East of England said of the meeting of European far right groups, and the EDL leader in particular: "This is yet one more failed attempt by the EDL to find European partners as they just cannot spread their roots in the UK.

"In the same way Nick Griffin and the BNP tried to use the European Parliament as a spring board and failed abysmally, the EDL will find they are badly out-of-their-depth.

"I have written to the President of the European Parliament to complain about the use of our facilities to raise funds for such hate organisations and to investigate whether other meetings are planned."

Efforts have been take by groups such as the EDL to create a more organised ‘pan-European’ coalition. Last month, far right groups announced their intention to create the first worldwide ‘counter-jihad’ initiative, spearheaded by the various ‘Stop the Islamisation’ organisations, in August.

You can write to your MEP to express your feelings about the use of the European Parliament’s facilities by the far right, contact details here.

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