Friday, June 24 2016

Far right supporter arrested during National Front protest

Islamophobia Watch draws our attention to a local news report regarding the arrest of a far right supporter for an alleged racial public order offence during a protest organized by the South Wales National Front in Swansea.

From the South Wales Evening Post:

“A 21-year old man has been arrested during a demonstration by Far Right campaigners in Swansea.

“Police intervened during the demonstration in the city centre on Saturday organised by the South Wales National Front in Union Street.

“Officers made the arrest for an alleged racial public order offence. They also confiscated banners and posters to ensure there was no breach of the peace.

“The 21-year-old man is believed to be from Swansea and has been released on bail following the arrest."

Chief Superintendent Mark Mathias stated that the protest “was believed to be in connection with a recent court case.”

The deputy organiser for the South Wales National Front, Adam Lloyd stated that "The National Front has got people in many places.

"The point of the demonstration was to raise awareness of a court case."

"They should bring back capital punishment for certain crimes, for paedophiles and terrorists."

The NF’s own website states that the protest was held against ‘Muslim rapists’.

There have been a number of protests organised by the far-right in reaction to criminal trials for sex offences involving men of minority backgrounds, particularly since a high profile case in March in which nine men were convicted of sexual exploitation of underage girls. The far-right has exploited the ethnicity and religion of defendants to blame sex offences on Islam despite police forces and academic analysis affirming there to be no causal link between ethnicity or religion and the crimes committed. Protests have recently taken place in Rochdale (see here, here and here) and in Dewsbury. Muslim organisations have also reported an increase in hate mail and abusive phone calls.

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