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20 arrested during Bristol EDL protests

There was coverage over the weekend on the demonstration by the English Defence League in Bristol on Saturday (Independent, Guardian, the Metro and local Bristol paper, The Post). The Post reports that twenty people were arrested during and after the protests on racially aggravated and public order offences.

From The Post:

“A total of 20 people were arrested during and after Saturday's protests in Bristol.

“More than 1,000 officers from forces across the UK were on the streets of the city for the English Defence League march on Saturday – and two were injured.

“Officers arrested 16 people during the day on charges including racially aggravated public order offences, assaulting a police officer, public disorder, being drunk and disorderly, failing to remove face coverings, unlawful assembly, going equipped to cause damage and failing to leave an area when directed by a police officer.

“Police remained in the city until the early hours of Sunday and four more arrests were made during the evening, for offences including assault and theft.

“Details of how many arrested people were associated with each demonstration were not available yesterday.

“Police estimated that around 300 EDL supporters and 500 We Are Bristol supporters took part in their respective marches, with up to 200 other EDL supporters elsewhere in the city.

Assistant Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset constabulary, Anthony Bangham said, "Overall we are happy with how the vast majority of people conducted themselves and the vast majority of those involved protested peacefully and expressed their views. Unfortunately there was a minority who were much more aggressive."

The article states that he alsopraised the Muslim community in the city and thanked them for their support and "dignified" attitude to the demonstrations.”

There was also coverage on BBC News, ITV News and The Post on a multi-faith peace walk which took place on Sunday as a show of solidarity and to celebrate Bristol’s diversity.

The BBC reports that “More than 150 people gathered in Queen Square to hear speeches by community and faith leaders.

“The Bristol Multi-Faith Forum aims to celebrate a unified and diverse Bristol, "showing the way to those who seek to divide"
, it says.

“Spokesman Zaheer Shabir said Bristolians were proud to be "inclusive and peaceful".

"These past few weeks have been an inspiring and captivating journey which have brought the faith, non-faith and the BME (Black Minority and Ethnic) and non-BME communities to symbolise what Bristol really means for us.”

“The peace walk was supported by the Liberal Democrat-led Bristol City Council.”

UPDATE: Five people charged following Bristol protests, four people remain on police bail, see Avon and Somerset Constabulary

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0 #1 RE: 20 arrested during Bristol EDL protestsStun Guns For Women 2012-07-20 11:30
One of the biggest issues we have in our society is crimes against women. One of the best ways for women to combat this problem is to be serious about self defense. Women have to learn to be aware. They can do things like take self defense classes or carry non-lethal weapons for self defense.
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