Friday, July 01 2016

Met police officer dismissed for racism

The Guardian reported over the weekend that a police officer in the Metropolitan Police Service who racially abused a Pakistani man whilst drunk at a train station has been dismissed from the force.

From the Guardian:

“A Metropolitan police officer convicted of drunkenly abusing staff at a railway station snack kiosk has been dismissed from the force following a gross misconduct hearing.

“Philip Juhasz, 31, told a Pakistani takeaway manager at the Delice de France branch at King's Cross last September to "go back to your fucking country" after he was refused discounted food.

“The Met announced on Friday that Juhasz had been dismissed for breaching standards of professional behaviour – namely authority, respect and courtesy – and for discreditable conduct, following a gross misconduct hearing on 5 July.

Peter Spindler, commander of Scotland Yard's directorate of professional standards said that “staff are expected to maintain high standards of behaviour both on and off duty."

Controversy over racist abuse by police officers has been an recurring issue, rearing its ugly head in the aftermath of the riots in towns and cities across the UK last summer, as well as in relation to the disproportionate impact of stop and search powers on ethnic minority groups. Cases of racism have also been revealed within the police force, with a recent case, involving an Asian police officer who was awarded £840,000 in compensation for racism suffered during his time as a traffic officer.

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