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Hotel ‘duped’ into hosting far right conference

The Liverpool Post has reported that a hotel in Merseyside has expressed regret after stating that it was deceived into hosting a conference which was attended by members of the British National Party as well as its European allies. The Hotel’s Facebook page has reportedly been “flooded with messages of protest.”

From the local paper:

“A Merseyside hotel claimed it was ‘duped’ into hosting a conference for far right activists.

"Around 50 members of the British National Party and allied European political parties are believed to have attended the event at four star Thornton Hall Hotel in Thornton Hough on Tuesday.

“The booking was made in the name of a European political research group and it is understood staff only realised who the delegates were when they arrived.

“The far right party’s leader Nick Griffin later posted a photo of the gathering on Twitter, calling it “delegates at our Alliance of National Movements conference near Chester”.

“Thornton Hall’s Facebook page could not be accessed yesterday after being flooded with messages of protest.

A spokesman for the hotel said that they “received a booking on behalf of the European Social Political and Economic Research Establishment.

“The identities of the delegates were not revealed to us until the guests arrived on the day, at which stage we were bound by a contractual arrangement.

“Thornton Hall Hotel would never knowingly allow an event of this nature to take place and we regret any offence or distress caused or taken by the presence of this conference.”

Police officers were called to attend as a precautionary measure and “the conference passed without incident.”

Another local paper, the Wirral Globe adds that the meeting was also attended by members of the French National Front.

It is telling of the unpopularity of the BNP and the wider far right that they should feel the need to use a ‘cover’ name in order to hold a conference. Earlier this month members of the far right from several European countries held a meeting at the European Parliament, which was attended by amongst others, the leader of the English Defence League, Stephen Lennon. The meeting was reportedly hosted under the name of the ‘International Civil Liberties Alliance’, an organisations which fronts itself as a ‘human right organisation that aims to uphold democracy, freedom and individual liberties’. The ICLA website promotes literature by the likes of Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician notorious for his Islamophobic views who believes that the Qur'an should be banned.

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