Tuesday, June 28 2016

Muslim school raises £500 for children’s hospice

The Newham Recorder has reported the good news that pupils at an Islamic school based in East London have raised £500 for London’s oldest children’s hospice, Richard House, which cares for young people with life-limiting, life threatening and complex health conditions.

From the local paper:

“A hospice that provides vital services for children and young people with life-limiting conditions has been presented with nearly £500 by students from a Muslim school.

“Pupils of the Al-Mizan Primary School in Whitechapel took part in a range of activities including fundraising from friends, family and doing extra-chores around the house.

“They visited the hospice on July 16 to see first-hand what their donations have helped achieve. It also helped them cement the hospice’s growing relationship with the East End’s Muslim community and in particular the East London Mosque.

“Sheikh Abdul Qayum, the Imam of East London Mosque and a patron of Richard House, said: “As a patron of Richard House, I know of the incredible works that goes in to helping children who are terminally ill.

“This gesture of goodwill shall hopefully inspire others to give as well.”

“The school’s headteacher, Musleh Faradhi, said: “Giving to charity is an integral part of being a Muslim. We want our students to learn this as a fundamental part of growing up, so they take care of others regardless of one’s background.”

It is great to see a story which illustrates the charitable ethos of Islam and how such acts can hopefully be an inspiration to others.

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