Thursday, May 26 2016

Vandal attack on Surrey Mosque

Islamophobia Watch alerts us to reports of an attack on a mosque in Horley, Surrey. The attack took place during the Ramadhan night time prayers whilst worshippers were inside. A report states that the attack was not caught on CCTV, however the mosque will now have four CCTV cameras installed to protect the mosque from further incidents.

From the Gatwick and Horley Mirror:

“Vandals desecrated a mosque with alcohol and obscene graffiti as around 400 people prayed inside.

“The front and back doors of the Gatwick Bangladeshi Islamic Community Association headquarters were vandalised in the early hours of Sunday morning as the community held its night-time prayers to mark the month of Ramadan.

“Worshippers emerged to find alcohol and eggs splattered over the back door, bottles and cans littering the street, a member's car parked nearby covered in flour, and an obscene word scrawled on the front door in permanent ink.

“Association member Moynal Islam said: "We had to get it cleaned up; it was upsetting for our members to have that on the doors.

"Everyone is angry, disappointed and upset, but there is nothing we can do. We never expected this."

“Horley Neighbourhood Sergeant Simon Ward, said: "This incident has deeply upset the Islamic community in Horley who have an excellent relationship with their neighbours and others in the town." Around 60 children attend daytime classes at the centre during Ramadan, and 400 worshippers attend the prayer meetings held twice during the night.

See also a report in Redhill and Reigate Life

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