Wednesday, June 29 2016

Cab set on fire while driver prayed in mosque

Islamophobia Watch draws our attention to a report of a taxi driver in Sheffield’s vehicle being deliberately set on fire whilst it was parked outside his local mosque. The driver, Mohammed Joydi Miah had gone inside the mosque for morning prayers.

From the Sheffield Star:

“A Sheffield cabbie has been left unable to work after his vehicle was set on fire while he was praying at his local mosque.

“Mohammed Joydu Miah…. was at morning prayers at the Aaliya Mosque, on Staniforth Road, when his cab went up in flames.

The report states that he had only parked his cab 10 minutes earlier when it was targeted.

He told the paper that “There were about 60 or 70 of us inside the mosque for morning prayers when we heard banging on the doors and people shouting ‘fire, fire’.

“We went outside and my car was well alight,”

“There were eight to 10 boys hanging around who I have never seen before, which I am suspicious about.

“I don’t know why anybody would want to do this - there were so many people at the mosque, the flames could easily have spread and injured somebody.

“I am upset because until my insurance claim is sorted out I am unable to work - I could hire a car but it would cost me £200 a week, which I can’t afford.”

Asian taxi drivers have often reported abuse and harassment. In December last year, taxi drivers in Cardiff threatened to strike because of the levels of racist abuse and violence they were subjected to. In March this year, an EDL supporter was handed a prison sentence after he threatened a Muslim taxi driver because of his religion. Three people were also found guilty in March of a racist attack on an Asian cab driver in Preston.

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